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Why does Magic Fit® need my birthday?

TL;DR Gravity. Or in other words, age is statistically significant for predicting certain measurements (like waist and bicep) according to the 196 million data points we've analysed via our Magic Fit® algorithm.

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The Evolution of Magic Fit®

What began as a (not so) simple statistical model, Magic Fit® has evolved into an incredibly accurate self-learning algorithm for delivering perfect fit online without measuring tapes.

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Vogue Codes 2019 Melbourne

Our Co-Founder Zoltan Csaki was down in Melbourne yesterday speaking at the Vogue Codes on a panel called ‘Futureproof Fashion: Sustainability's Digital Edge’ and how technology is enabling a more planet-friendly industry. Music to our little ears, because for all the rhetoric, sustainability (sadly) remains the ugly step-sister of the industry.

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Hello Magic Fit®

Magic Fit® is Citizen Wolf's algorithmic solution to ill-fitting clothes, overproduction and subpar shopping experiences. Best of all there's no measuring tapes, no “standard” sizes and nothing to try on... Yes, really!

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Magic Fit® means made-to-measure.


Magic Fit® to your unique body.


Ready within 10 days.


Perfect fit guaranteed.