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We proudly count the lifespan of our garments in years not washes, and it all boils down to starting with the best fabrics and treating them with respect.

We aim to have the shortest supply chain in the game and we're passionate about using Australian fabrics, because it keeps jobs and skills onshore plus it's also the easiest way to ensure that our supply chain is ethical.

We only use natural fibres.


We preshrink all our fabric.


We prioritise Australian made.


Certified Organic Cotton

Organic cotton grown in India is knitted in Melbourne to our specification across three different weights:

  • lightweight 110 gsm perfect for sticky summers
  • everyday 145 gsm for the ultimate all-rounder
  • heavyweight 180 gsm for luxury that lasts

Available in white, black, vintage black, navy, charcoal marl, grey marl and natural (not all colours available in all weights).


Australian Super Cotton

Australia grows the best cotton in the world, and no one does it better than Glenn Rogan. Based on the fertile plains of south-western Queensland and grown using 50% less water than normal, the luxurious extra-long staple fibres are both spun and knitted in Victoria. We're thrilled to offer a 130 gsm weight with a slight slub which is hard to describe but amazing against the skin. Email us for a swatch so you can see for yourself. Hurry though, supplies are limited!

Available in white, black and navy.


Unmulsed Pure Merino Wool

Our 165 gsm pure merino wool is harvested from happy sheep throughout Australia and New Zealand and knitted in Melbourne. How do we know they're happy? Because we only use cruelty-free certified "unmulesed" wool.

Available in black, navy, charcoal marl and grey marl.


Limited Editions

We also run a deadstock programme rescuing fabric from all over the world that would otherwise be landfilled. Due to the extremely limited nature of their supply they are only available at our Darlinghurst micro factory.