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What’s the easiest way to get fitted?

If you're in Sydney the easiest way to get perfect fit is to drop into our Darlinghurst concept store. It only takes a few minutes and we’re open every day - let our expert wolves guide you through the process by booking a fitting here.


What if I'm not in Sydney?!?

No worries. Answer three questions to create your Fast-Fit® profile to order online. We’ve worked hard to make the system easy and we're constantly improving things, so all feedback is very welcome.


Do you save my fit profile for next time?

Yes. Our goal is to make getting perfectly tailored Tees as easy as having Alexa deliver your favourite dystopian novel. Same magic, only without fear of being constantly surveilled (that's a whole different story...).


How long does it take?

Around 14 days because every Citizen Wolf Tee is handmade on-demand here in sunny Sydney. We despatch orders via courier twice a week and transit times vary wildly, please check your tracking link for more details.


What about shipping?

Shipping is via 2-day courier, includes tracking and is always free within Australia. International delivery is $25 or free on orders above $250.


How is it accurate without measuring tapes?!?

We spent 9 months in R&D developing, testing and sampling with the Beta Wolves. As a result our return rate is 10x lower than the industry average. Plus every Citizen Wolf Tee ships with an unequivocal perfect fit guarantee.


What if I’m not happy?

In the unlikely event that something goes awry, we guarantee to remake your Tee until you love it so much you can't take it off.


What’s the point of tailored fit when all my Tees shrink after the first wash anyway?!?

Unlike every other fashion brand in the universe, we prewash and shrink all our fabric before we cut. We guarantee every Citizen Wolf T-shirt is stable and won’t shrink or deform in the wash. Some fabrics are more delicate than others (looking at you merino wool and linen), but our organic cotton range is crazy durable and happy in the tumble dryer.


I'm keen but 180 gsm cotton is just too thick for me. When will you have more fabrics?

We often have 150 gsm and 110 gsm organic cotton in stock as well so please contact us to confirm. We’re also constantly sourcing interesting jersey from the best mills around the world in limited quantities. Sign up to our newsletter below and we’ll let you know when new fabrics drop. It’s kinda tough to feel fabrics online, so the store is the best place to get up close and intimate with our full range of limited edition fabrics. Otherwise you can request a swatch book and we’ll snail mail you any fabric you want.


How many combinations are there?

22 BAZILLION. Yep, it sounds unbelievable but (base sizes * fit measures * design details * colours / fabrics) is a huge number, and it's growing all the time as we add more fabrics. Safe to say we've got you covered.


Do you do bulk discounts?

Sure do Scrooge. Buy three (3) Tees and save $30. Buy five (5) and save $100! Pop the champagne.


Awesome, but I’m thinking more like fitting my whole company.

Great! We do B2B orders all the time from as little as 25 pcs. So if you're sick and tired of shitty quality corporate swag that fits like a potato sack and falls apart after a few washes get in touch. Corporate orders use the same preshrunk organic cotton with the same made in Sydney creds for an ethical and environmentally friendly uniform that can also be individually tailored to every member of staff.


Do you do screenprints or embroidery?

Yes but only on B2B orders. We could do one-off prints but the setup charges are the same whether you print one or ten thousand. Email us for more info.


Why only Tees?

We’re on a mission to bring tailoring to the casual wardrobe. Rome wasn't built in a day and once we've nailed the processes and systems to deliver Tees we'll expand into new lines. Email us with any suggestions.