How long does it take?

Every Citizen Wolf Tee is custom-fit to your body and made on-demand within 10 days. We can do it within only 72 hours for an additional fee of $20 / Tee, so if you need it quick sticks let us know in the order notes and we'll send a separate invoice for the priority production.


Will they shrink or twist?

No. Unlike every other fashion brand in the universe, we use an industrial process to prewash and shrink all our fabric before we cut and we guarantee every Citizen Wolf T-shirt is stable and won’t shrink or twist, even in the dryer.


What if I’m not happy?

We offer free alterations on any Tee within the first 30 days to make sure the fit is absolutely perfect. If you're still not happy after the alteration we'll refund your order minus any shipping charges.

We spent 9 months in R&D and have made many tens of thousands of Tees since for happy customers all over the world. We're confident that Citizen Wolf is miles ahead of anything you can buy off the rack but don't take our word for it, read over 850+ 5-star reviews from happy customers.


Where are the Tees made? Are they ethical?

Yes. Every Citizen Wolf Tee is made in our state of the art factory in Sydney which is certified by Ethical Clothing Australia. What does that mean? Simply that everyone gets paid award wages (or more) and has a comfortable and safe work environment.

But don't take our word for it, our factory is open to the public so drop in sometime and check it out for yourself.


What's your position on modern slavery?

In August 2019, Citizen Wolf opted in to the Modern Slavery Act by making a voluntary commitment to prepare and submit a modern slavery statement according to the Australian Federal Government requirements. 

Citizen Wolf opposes slavery in all its forms and we embrace our role and responsibility of safeguarding human rights through ethical business practices. It is therefore a key focus to begin the process of protecting human rights in our business and our supply chains. 

TL;DR shopping with Citizen Wolf is guaranteed guilt-free.


How much is shipping? Do you ship internationally?

Standard shipping within Australia is via carbon-neutral courier and takes around 3-5 working days to most destinations. Shipping is free for any order over $100 or $9 otherwise.

If you need it faster, or if you know that couriers don't play nicely at your address then please upgrade to Express Post next-day delivery by Australia Post for $15.

We also ship internationally from $24 depending on package weight. Transit times can vary wildly, so please check your tracking link for more details.

Please note your shipping choice does not affect production speed (see above).


What about returns? How much are they?

Returns are free within Australia, please contact us for the shipping details. Unfortunately if you live outside the lucky country you'll need to pay to get the Tees back to us.


Can I change something on a style template?

Of course! Simply let us know in the notes field at checkout what you'd like to change and we’ll be in touch to confirm. Please be aware this will add a few days to production of your Tees.


Do you save my custom measures for next time?

We sure do! Login to your account to see all your previous Tees and easily reorder from there. Our goal is to make getting perfectly fitting Tees as easy as having Alexa deliver your favourite dystopian novel. Same magic only without fear of being constantly surveilled (but that's a whole different story...).


What kind of voodoo black magic lets you tailor the fit without measuring tapes?!?

Our proprietary Magic Fit® algorithm makes it simple to order made-to-measure Tees online. All we need is your height, weight, age and bra to create a 94% accurate mathemagical model of your body faster than a human tailor.

We’ve worked hard to make it as easy and intuitive as possible and we're constantly improving things, so all feedback is welcome.

These are obviously extremely personal details and we guarantee that your data is safe and also that we'll never share it with any third-party or use it for anything other than making custom Tees to fit your body and yours alone.


What’s the point of tailoring when all my clothes shrink after the first wash anyway?!?

See above.


Where do I find the stripes / other fabrics I saw on Instagram?

We run stripes and other limited edition deadstock fabrics on an ad-hoc basis, limited to customers who already have at least one Tee and who have confirmed their fit as perfect. If that's you, log in to your account to access a wider range of fabrics.


What's the password on my account?

To protect your privacy, we don’t have access to your password. Follow the prompts to reset your password here.


Do you have a look book?

Not really, but check out our Instagram feed to see the variety of styles that other customers have created for inspiration.


Do you have physical gift cards?

Sure do! You can find our Laser Cut Gift Cards here which are despatched within 24 hours. Please make sure you've left enough time for snail mail or else you might be interested in our Digital Gift Cards delivered instantly via email.


Do you do bulk discounts?

Sure do Scrooge. Buy three (3) Tees and save 10% using the code 'MULTI10'. Pop the champagne or donate the difference to your favourite chari-Tee.


Awesome, but I’m thinking more like fitting my whole company.

Hallelujah! If you're sick and tired of shitty quality corporate swag that fits like a potato sack and falls apart the next day, please contact our B2B team for more info. Discounted bulk pricing kicks in from 20 pcs.


Do you do screenprints or embroidery?

Yes, but only via our B2B programme (see above) as the MOQ is 20 pcs.


Why only Tees?

Because Rome wasn't built in a day! Once we've nailed the processes and systems to deliver your favourite Tshirt, we'll expand into new lines so email us with any suggestions.

In the meantime we love both Good Day Girl and Nobody Denim for their commitment to ethically Australian made clothing.

Alternatively download the Good On You app to find other ethical fashion brands rated on their ethical and sustainable creds. We've got the highest 5-star "Great" rating which we're chuffed about!


Magic Fit® means made-to-measure.


Magic Fit® to your unique body.


Ready within 10 days.


Perfect fit guaranteed.