Our Values.

Citizen Wolf re-engineers the your way clothes are made at scale, to save our planet.

Fast fashion is like junk food – cheap but ultimately bad for you and also the planet. It’s a love-hate relationship built on exploitation and micro-trends you don't need and won't remember. But it doesn't have to be this way. Citizen Wolf exists to promote a healthier relationship with your clothes, built around our three core values:

We only make what we sell.

1/3 of all mass-produced clothing is sent to landfill, unsold. Every. Single. Year.

The most insane part of 'business as usual' fashion is the structural waste that's built into the model. Every mass-produced brand intentionally makes  ~30% more than they sell because accurate forecasting is impossible. Then, when these garments inevitably don't sell, they're sent to landfill to choke the only planet we've got.

No amount of organic cotton or recycled polyester gets around this fact. Which is why, despite the slick marketing campaigns, you simply cannot trust the sustainability messaging of any brand in the mass-production game.

By contrast, we only make what we sell here at Citizen Wolf – which is why we're fond of saying that the only sustainable clothes are made-to-order. Plus we recycled the hundreds of kgs of offcut fabric waste every month into our famous Zero Waste collection, instead sending it to landfill like other factories do.


Ethical is mandatory.

We are proudly both B Corp and Ethical Clothing Australia certified.

We are proudly certified by Ethical Clothing Australia which means that our staff are paid Aussie award wages (or better), plus we've voluntarily opted-in to the Modern Slavery Act. Our merino wool jersey is also certified cruelty-free by the Responsible Wool Standard, being sourced exclusively from non-mulesed Australian sheep.


Local is best.

86% of our fabrics are made in Australia.

You know food miles? Well the exact same thing applies in fashion and it's not uncommon for the manufacturing process to touch 5 different countries (or more!), spewing unnecessary carbon in the process. This is clearly insane.

By contrast, we've built the shortest possible supply chain in the game and we're proud to be a part of the renaissance in Australian manufacturing. Almost all of our fabric is knitted in Melbourne and every Citizen Wolf garment is sewn in our purpose-built Sydney factory – which is open to the public and doubles as our shop.