One (Magic) Algorithm, Three Distinct Fits. One (Magic) Algorithm, Three Distinct Fits.

One (Magic) Algorithm, Three Distinct Fits.

At Citizen Wolf we believe that looking good and doing good shouldn’t be mutually exclusive. And frankly, neither should style & comfort. 

But comfort is more than just sleeping well at night because you’re wearing your values. Fit preference is deeply personal, which is why we’ve always offered three distinct silhouettes in store. Unfortunately we’d never fully harmonised this instore experience with shopping online… until now.



“I’ve lived in the comfort of my oversized Tee working from home for the last few months, which has been a nice change from the tailored fits more suitable for the office ” - Steve McCann

Steve is just one customer, but he’s not alone. Time and again we hear from customers that don’t want their clothes too fitted but also don’t want to rock a potato sack either.

The simple fact is that clothes are both more sustainable AND more flattering when they are custom made to fit your body. And although Magic Fit® was designed for close fitting ‘tailored’ Tees, it also works incredibly well for more relaxed and oversized silhouettes. 

Tailored Fit

Relaxed Fit

Oversized Fit

Tailored Fit Relaxed Fit Oversized Fit
  • Custom Magic Fit® shoulder point
  • Tapered waist
  • Minimal tolerance through the body follows your curves
  • Custom Magic Fit® shoulder point + 5cm drop shoulder
  • Box (straight) waist
  • Comfortable tolerance through the body equivalent to one ‘size’ large.
  • Custom Magic Fit® shoulder point + 10cm drop shoulder
  • Box (straight) waist
  • Extra generous tolerance through the body equivalent to 4 ‘sizes’ larger.

“You want the items to be oversized in the correct places, like the shoulders and the waist. Otherwise, you’ll look like a schoolboy who’s not grown into his new school uniform yet, or worse, Donald Trump in a suit.” - stylist Sarah Ann Murray

Our classic tailored silhouette is perfect for the office or anytime you’re layering with a blazer. But many people prefer a looser fit due to personal style, or perhaps want more movement and air circulation over the summer months.

Magic Fit® guarantees that these looser silhouettes fit just right instead of leaving you with baggy shapelessness. For example the drop shoulder 5cm - 10cm on the relaxed or oversized styles is still custom and dynamically moved according to your Magic Fit® so that it hits perfectly on your shoulders, so that the sleeves hit exactly on your elbows.

And of course, regardless of silhouette, Magic Fit® makes sure that the length is custom to your body so the hem hits just right on your hips.



We believe the future of fashion starts with the perfect Tee. But we know that perfection is in the eye of the beholder, so once you've confirmed your Magic Fit® we save it to your account for ridiculously easy reordering. This way, you can be sure that every Tee will fit just right season after season and also across different silhouettes.






Written by Florence McGlynn