Magic Fit® replaces the measuring tape.

Faster and more accurate than a human tailor, Magic Fit® uses technology to make custom easy.


Your height determines how long we make your Tee (obviously), but also sleeve length.


When combined with height and age your weight helps us predict body shape which can be qualified in the next step.


Your age qualifies weight because older bodies are different. Age is also statistically significant when calculating your waist, hip and bicep.


Your bra allows us to account for bust and is also statistically significant for predicting your hips.


Your Magic Fit® Tee.


When you’re ready to buy, tell us what makes your body unique and we’ll customise these measures even further...

Know what you want?

Tell us straight and we'll make it happen.

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100% Certified Organic Cotton 'Light' 110 GSM

Our lightweight organic cotton is grown and spun in India before being knitted in Melbourne at 110 gsm. Perfect for the Aussie summer it's ultra soft and naturally breathable with a luxurious drape as well as being Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified.

Please note we only offer dark colours in this fabric which are guaranteed opaque, because on lighter colours (inc. white) it can become semi-sheer.

Free shipping on all swatches

100% Certified Organic Cotton 'Everyday' 145 GSM

Our 'everyday' organic cotton is grown and spun in India before being knitted in Melbourne at 145 gsm for the ultimate year-round weight.

It's incredibly soft, naturally breathable and washes like a dream as well as being Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified.

Free shipping on all swatches

100% Certified Organic Cotton 'Heavy' 180 GSM

Our heavier organic cotton is grown and spun in India before being knitted in Melbourne at 180 gsm, perfect for winter layering.

With an amazingly soft handle and just as breathable as the 145 gsm, the extra weight provides more stability and durability as well as being Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified.

Free shipping on all swatches

55% Hemp / 45% Organic Cotton

Hemp is the planet-friendly miracle fibre produced from the stem of the cannabis plant. Biodegradable and naturally organic requiring zero pesticides or herbicides, hemp also uses 50 percent less water than cotton.

With a visible texture similar to pure linen our 210 gsm weight is blended with organic cotton for softness to achieve the perfect balance between opacity, breathability and UV resistance making it ideal for the long hot Aussie summers.

Free shipping on all swatches

100% Superfine Non-Mulesed Merino Wool

Our 17.5 micron 'superfine' pure merino wool is single-origin sourced from happy sheep 300km west of Sydney before being knitted in Melbourne. How do we know they're happy? Because we exclusively buy certified cruelty-free 'non-mulesed' wool.

The extra-long staple ewe's fleece makes a 150 gsm cloth that is softer, smoother and more resistant to pilling than regular merino and feels like true luxury against the skin.

Free shipping on all swatches

Howlin' — sustainability

With your help, we've offset 50 tonnes of carbon so far this year.

The elephant in the room is that the default model of making clothes is broken. We've systematically reduced our footprint in each step of the manufacturing process – and Citizen Wolf Tees produce 48% less carbon than their fast fashion equivalents as a result. Plus we offset each Tee 5x to be carbon negative.

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Climate action by design rather than disaster - Earth Overshoot Day 2020

It’s safe to say we’ve all had our blinkers on this year due to COVID. Fair. But something that a mask and some hand sanny isn’t going to stop is the climate crisis – it may have dropped out of the media, but it hasn’t magically gone away. 

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Look Good, Do Good – our new minimal packaging

We're always looking at ways to reduce our footprint, and whilst everyone loves our current gift box packaging, you wanted a simpler option that was more in line with your values rather than our aesthetics. We listened.

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Plastic Free July just got easier

It’s Plastic Free July and as we try to go without, we’re reminded just how ubiquitous our petrol-based polymer 'friend' really is... which is why we're thrilled to partner with ReCo and help tackle single-use plastic in the laundry and kitchen.

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Price is what you pay, value is what you get

We offer free repairs for life because we believe value is a function of usage measured in years not wash cycles. Our accountant hates it, but it's the right thing to do for the planet and for you.

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Celebrating biodiversity for World Environment Day

Far too long we’ve been extracting more from Mother Nature than she can conceivably stand, which is why today we stand up and lend our voice to World Environment Day 2020 and it’s call for urgent action to protect biodiversity. 

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Ugg boots and techno utopianism – a podcast.

Last week our Co-Founder Zoltan had a virtual sit down with Madeleine Park, stylist and host of the Style Stories Podcast – and the pressure was on because whilst Zoltan is many things, a vintage fashion hound ain't one of them!

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Introducing the Zero Waste Scarf

Did you know that every year ~60 BILLION m2 of fabric ends up on cutting room floors around the world as waste? That's roughly the entire landmass of Sri Lanka covered in offcuts. Rather than send it to landfill, we've created the Zero Waste Scarf so you can make a statement whilst making a difference.

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7 things you can do to fight climate change on Earth Day

Whilst we can’t escape the death toll nor the impending recession, one silver lining of COVID19 and the global lockdown is that ecosystems ‘snap back’ in ways that would make ScoMo go weak at the knees. What can we do to keep this delicate flame of environmental hope alive?

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Serendipity, Podcasts and Golden Retrievers.

It’s funny how things happen at the best of times, but the story of how our co-founder Zoltan ended up on Metigy's 'Forward Thinking' podcast is one for the ages.

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