Why Citizen Wolf Rebels Against Fashion Week Why Citizen Wolf Rebels Against Fashion Week

Why Citizen Wolf Rebels Against Fashion Week

In an industry where fashion weeks reign supreme and dominate much more than the calendars of F-list celebs, Citizen Wolf calls bullshit on the glitzy jazz hands to yank you back into the real world and remind you that enough is enough – there is absolutely nothing sexy about the rapacious fashion industry killing the planet!

We stand proudly as the rebel force committed to true sustainability (i.e. zero overproduction) and truly ethical practices (i.e. made in Australia) in an industry reviled the world over as shadier than a regional Australian federal sports grant.

Citizen Wolf challenges the status quo through our unconventional approach to creating a brand where 100% of our product is made to order with 0% sent to landfill. Why?

Because quite simply, we cannot solve climate change without first changing the business model behind the fashion industry.


Subverting the Fast Fashion Culture

We are systematically dismantling the reckless pace of the disposable fashion industry

Fashion weeks thrive on the culture of (micro)trends and the disposability of fast fashion. Here at Citizen Wolf, we refuse to perpetuate this cycle of excess and exploitation. Not only have we signed the Modern Slavery Act to prove it is possible to put ethics at our core, but our Made To Order model is disrupting wasteful overproduction and prioritising mindful consumption. We are systematically dismantling the reckless pace of the industry by crafting garments only when they are needed.


Rejecting Seasonal Collections

Quality and longevity take precedence over fleeting fads

Seasonal collections (dictated by fashion weeks) fuel the illusion of constant change. Citizen Wolf staunchly rejects the idea that trends must be rapidly churned out, instead forging a path towards sustainability and responsible fashion choices that prioritises timeless design and products that are built to last.

By shunning the catwalks of fashion week, we liberate ourselves from the constraints of the traditional fashion calendar to transcend and defy seasonal demands. We reject the sacred cow at the heart of the fashion industry that says style (and more sales) is only to be found in the new, and we are dedicated to creating timeless pieces that are built to last.

Quality and longevity take precedence over fleeting fads, and with every stitch we challenge the notion of perpetual wardrobe overhauls, inviting our customers to instead embrace the sustainability benefits the flow from enduring style, and buying less stuff overall.


Prioritising Customisation and Individuality

We celebrate the uniqueness of each and every customer

Although it has certainly improved over recent years, the fashion industry (and fashion weeks in particular) often overlook the beauty of diverse body shapes and sizes. At Citizen Wolf we have no sizes apart from ‘yours’, and since Day 1 we have championed the power of individuality by offering custom-made garments, tailored to your individual body to either hide flaws or exaggerate strengths (or both). We celebrate the uniqueness of each and every customer, and by avoiding the wholesale treadmill that underlines fashion week, we maintain a direct connection with you, our cherished customers.

The Citizen Wolf business model is ruthlessly simple and can be summarised as follows: rather than pretend we know what you might want to buy in a few months’ time (i.e. traditional fashion), we simply ask what you want today, and then we go and make it.


Transparency and Collaboration

Customer feedback is the cornerstone of our iterative design process in pursuit if perfecting archetypes

Fashion weeks thrive on exclusivity, and are famous for limiting access as well as inhibiting collaboration. Citizen Wolf, by contrast, embraces transparency and mutual partnership and by sidestepping fashion week, we create a platform where individual voices can be heard. 

Customer feedback is the cornerstone of our iterative design process, in pursuit not of something new, but of perfecting the archetypes that already exist for good reason. In this way, we stand shoulder to shoulder together with our customers on a mission to unfuck the fashion industry for good, fostering a new era of fashion rooted in openness and shared values.


Driven by our rebellious spirit, we dare to challenge the fashion week establishment. Our commitment to sustainability, customisation, transparency, and collaboration is unmatched within the industry and we are living proof that a better fashion industry is possible.




Written by Zoltan Csaki