Black Fridye Impact Report 2021 Black Fridye Impact Report 2021

Black Fridye Impact Report 2021

Black Friday is the biggest sales event of the retail calendar, and last year Aussies were forecast to spend over $5.6 billion dollars that weekend on everything from clothes to cupcakes and carabiners. 

But once the dust settles and the standard 30-50% of orders are returned and processed, the true cost of Black Friday finally becomes apparent where as much as 80% of clothes bought in the sales end up in landfill according to the University of Leeds.




Black Fridye Impact Report 2021 | WE SAVED 28 POOLS WORTH OF WATER | Citizen Wolf

“2021 was our biggest year ever, with a total of 1.93 MILLION litres of water saved thanks to Black Fridye” - Zoltan Csaki, cofounder Citizen Wolf

If you’ve been following us for any time, you’ll know that we don’t play the pump and dump sales game. Why? Because sales are a huge part of what's wrong with the default business model in fashion, symptomatic of a series of poor decisions made months before to prioritise profit over planet.

So instead of convincing people to buy shit they don’t need because it’s cheap, we instead urge our customers to give the clothes they already own a second life by overdyeing them black. You get all the dopamine of hauling something new for not much money, with 95% less carbon. Win-win.

We call it Black Fridye – the only sale that doesn’t cost the earth. 

And we’re thrilled to report that 2021 was our biggest year ever, with a total impact of 1.93 MILLION litres of water saved compared to making them new with virgin materials - equivalent to 28 backyard swimming pools!



 BLACK FRIDYE 2021 | We won a fancy award | Citizen Wolf

Although not technically a sale, we consciously choose to use and subvert the language and psychology of discounting when we decided to spin Black Fridye out of the Citizen Wolf mothership as it’s own standalone brand in 2020.

Fast forward a year, and the rebranded Black Fridye was recently awarded a Pinnacle (aka best-in-class) gong in the Design For Good / Environmental Responsibility category at the 2021 AGDA Design Awards

We couldn’t be more thrilled with the updated brand and website and the work of our friends at For Good Design Lab and our long-time photography collaborator, Peter van Alphen.



All Black Fridye garments are currently with the dyehouse and scheduled to be back in our factory next week. After that we need a few days to process them, before sending them back to you to be loved (again) for many more years to come.

When they do arrive, we’d be thrilled if you can share the results and tag us @blackfridye and @citizenwolf




Written by Zoltan Csaki