Vogue Codes 2019 Melbourne Vogue Codes 2019 Melbourne

Vogue Codes 2019 Melbourne

Our Co-Founder Zoltan Csaki was down in Melbourne yesterday speaking at the Vogue Codes 2019 conference

Following Karen Walker's incredible keynote was never going to be easy, made worse by her central thesis of story telling as being 'the one job' and both how much - and how little - that's changed thanks to the campfire of social media. Hint, it's "All killer. No filler. All the time."

Thankfully he was on a panel called called ‘Futureproof Fashion: Sustainability's Digital Edge’ which is a topic close to all our hearts here at Citizen Wolf.

Sharing the stage with James Bartle (CEO, Outland Denim), Jenny Cermak (Partner, McKinsey & Company) and Clare Press (Vogue's Sustainability Editor, author/podcaster of Wardrobe Crisis and our most favourite human in the world), the discussion centred around how technology is enabling a more planet-friendly industry.

Music to our little ears, because for all the rhetoric, sustainability remains the ugly step-sister of the industry.

A few key topics were discussed such as the sustainable creds of 'access versus ownership' and the rental juggernauts such as Glam Corner. Outland's CEO James also eloquently spoke about the incredible impact their 'Markle moment' had on operations in Cambodia and how many lives have been changed as a result.

But it was the idea of true sustainability being inextricably linked to on-demand manufacturing that really got the room's attention.

Because regardless of how much "sustainability" or even "ethics" any brand has or promotes, it all vanishes in a puff of hot green-washed air if they're pumping out product via mass production and forecasting sales that probably won't materialise. Because event the best AI-driven forecasting still sends an insane and unsustainable amount of clothing to landfill.

Thankfully Zoltan was there to explain what and how we do at Citizen Wolf and why our idea is so much bigger than Tees.

Because you simply cannot talk about sustainability with any authority if you do not make to order.

Mic drop.


Written by Zoltan Csaki