Serendipity, Podcasts and Golden Retrievers. Serendipity, Podcasts and Golden Retrievers.

Serendipity, Podcasts and Golden Retrievers.

We’re big fans of serendipity here at Citizen Wolf and many of wins over the years feel like they've been down to good timing.

Sometimes we make ourselves feel better by remembering the famous words of the Roman philosopher Seneca who said, “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity”, but there's plenty of funny coincidence in how things seem to happen...

And the story of how our co-founder Zoltan ended up on the Forward Thinking podcast is one for the ages!

“Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.” - Seneca

Brendan Hill from Metigy saw one of our instagram posts featuring our resident wolf Maggie. Being president of the Inner West Goldies group himself, he sniffed a non-union approved release form and investigating further, was intrigued by how such a fine looking pooch was not only 'managed' into every photoshoot but also put to work everyday at the grindstone of fashion retail… ;)

Honest almost to a fault, those who know our co-founder Zoltan know that he loves to swear, doesn’t mince words and definitely doesn’t shy away from shedding light on how tough the reality of start-up life can be.

So if you’re interested in Golden Retrievers, why dogs in the office are good for serotonin or even perhaps about the Citizen Wolf origin story and how Eric and Zoltan decided they were both naive enough and smart stupid enough to reinvent the fashion industry... then take a few minutes to listen to this wide-ranging interview that goes well beyond marketing geek (though there’s plenty of that too).

And if you're so inclined you can get the full transcript of the interview here.

Magdalena Paloma Shrapnel Csaki aka Maggie The Goldie

Maggie in all her glory. She's in our St Peters factory every day so stop in and say hi or for bookings please call 0413 043 882 :P


Written by Zoltan Csaki