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Deadstock is unused fabric saved from being thrown into landfill.

Due to the inevitable defects in mass production, it's common for mills to over-produce and supply more than ordered by any brand. Sometimes only a few metres are unused, but occasionally hundreds or even thousands of metres are forgotten in the back of a warehouse somewhere. Sadly most ends up being thrown into landfill and the craziest thing is that there's nothing wrong with it!

Which is why we rescue this fabric where we can and turn it into gorgeous super limited edition Tees :) The easiest way to see our current range of deadstock is instore or you can request a swatch book to be sent.


Dry Flat in Shade

Thanks to the natural awesomeness of super-fine wool, it'll dry within a few hours laid flat on a towel.

The great majority of our fabric can be tumble dried, the exception is merino wool which is more delicate and needs extra love. Simply lay the Tee flat on a towel out of the sun and flip it over when the top side is dry. This also makes it perfect for travellers because it's so easy to hand wash instead of having to find a damn laundromat. But NEVER put wet merino on a hangar or it'll stretch!


Unmulesed Wool

"Mulesing" is the cruel practice of cutting strips of wool-bearing skin from around the buttocks of sheep to prevent flystrike.

Now flystrike ain't pretty but most mulesing is done without pain relief which, as you can imagine, causes immense suffering to the poor animals. Which is why we only ever use wool certified from unmulesed sheep.



It's estimated that up to 20% of fabric consumption globally is waste on the cutting room floor, and it almost always ends up in landfill.

That's not good enough, which is why we run various programmes to ensure we're not part of the problem. We began by working with a local fabric artist Tara Glastonbury who takes our scraps and upcycles them into unique necklaces.

But we produce far more scrap than poor Tara can deal with, so we've recently started a second programme with Seljak Brand to convert our offcuts into incredibly beautiful recycled blankets. One man's trash truly is another man's treasure :) Available in our Darlinghurst store now and online soon. 



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