Ending disposable fashion with Black Fridye Ending disposable fashion with Black Fridye

Ending disposable fashion with Black Fridye

At Citizen Wolf, we’re committed to producing quality Tees that are made to last, at a fair price, every single day of the year. We make only what we sell, we don’t sit on stock and never go on sale as a result.

But we love a bargain as much as the next wolf – what kind of psychopath doesn’t?! – so at this time of year we’re faced with a conundrum as the entire universe is on a sales binge from Single’s Day to Click Frenzy to Black Friday and beyond...

“⅔ of clothes made every year end up in landfill within 12 months” - Australian Bureau of Statistics

Our main qualm is the sweaty-palmed, mindless consumerism that is accelerated by sales events convincing us to buy things we probably don’t need just because they’re crazily discounted. Sadly, this psychology works but the result is a sickening ⅔ clothes made every year ending up in landfill within 12 months.

We’re clearly becoming increasingly disconnected with the things we purchase and like binging on anything, it’s just not sustainable. With the fashion industry's carbon emissions forecast to increase 50% in the next decade (World Bank, 2019), there’s no time like the present to reconsider our relationship with the things we already own.

That’s why we’re proudly running Black Fridye for the third year in a row, and this year it’s back bigger and better than ever!

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Black Fridye makes it stupidly simple to love your clothes longer by dyeing them black. We’ll dye any garment from any brand to give it a second lease on life so you can love it longer and do your bit for the planet in the process. Why? Because for every additional 9 months we wear our clothes, we reduce their carbon footprint by 30% – yep, it’s really that easy!

“By wearing the clothes we already own for an extra 3 months we can reduce their carbon footprint by 30%” - WRAP UK, 2017


What started as a single email out to Citizen Wolf customers in 2018 has evolved into a true platform for change, supported by a multi-industry coalition of 25 brands with a common goal of elevating the discussion around sustainability and conscious consumption during the madness of the biggest sales events of the year.

“Get that same dopamine hit of hauling something new (on sale no less!) but with 95% less carbon (compared to virgin production).” - Zoltan Csaki, Citizen Wolf Co-Founder

We know it’s a privilege to invest in quality clothing that’s made to last, and a luxury to spend your hard earned moolah with the planet in mind. That’s why we’ve intentionally kept prices as low as possible at up to 65% off the price of visiting the dye house on your own.

We want to make sure that re-dyeing your old clothes remains as affordable as it is simple - because at the end of the day there’s no other way to get that same dopamine hit of hauling something new (on sale no less!) but with 95% less carbon (compared to virgin production).



To be clear, Black Fridye isn’t anti-sale but rather anti-disposable fashion – with fast fashion being the second most polluting industry on earth after oil & gas, something needs to change and pronto.

Our ambition is to scale Black Fridye into a global movement for sustainable consumption, the equivalent of say ‘Movember’ or ‘Clean Up Australia Day’ – and with a coalition of like-minded individuals like you, we’re confident we’ll get there.

“Just as complex organisms are built of cooperating communities of cells, movements are built up by small cooperating groups of people.” - Clare Press, Rise & Resist

Dye credits are available to purchase now through 4th December, and then you have until Christmas to get your clothing to us so we can dye it fresh for 2021.

Green really is the new black with Black Fridye – the only sale that doesn’t cost the earth.





Written by Florence McGlynn