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The Rolled Crew

The Rolled Crew



1950’s styling for timeless cool.

Classic rock 'n' roll attitude that never goes out of fashion. Our rolled short sleeve crew neck Tee lets you channel Grease without the Brylecreem. Wear tucked in with tailored pants and a killer leather belt.

Every Citizen Wolf Tee is custom-made in Sydney within 14 days. Unlike regular tailors we use magic not measuring tapes to get your body shape via our Smart Fit algorithm. It’s fast, simple, 95% accurate and guaranteed to fit perfectly or we’ll remake your T-shirt. We call it smarter casual.

  • Crew neck
  • Rolled sleeves
  • Tapered waist
  • Curved hem
  • Custom-made

Tailored by magic, not measuring tapes.

Every Citizen Wolf Tee is tailored for perfect fit via our Smart Fit algorithm. Simply tell us your height, weight, age and bra (women only) and we'll build a mathe-magical model of your body based on 2500+ IRL fittings.

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Local + Ethical + Sustainable.

Citizen Wolf is built around three core principles: local production is best, ethical sourcing is mandatory and sustainable is non-negotiable.

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Millimetre accuracy.

Meet Cyndi, the hardest working laser cutter in the biz. She's a touch OCD but that works when precision is the only game in town. Book a fitting to watch your Tee being made IRL.

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The revolution looks fabulous.

Both Men’s Health and Nylon said we’re the #1 thing to do in Sydney. Vogue loves us and so does the SMH. But far more important is what our customers are saying...

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95% accurate, 100% guaranteed.

Smart Fit might be crazy accurate, but more importantly it's also risk free thanks to our fit promise - we'll adjust or remake your Tee until it's perfect. Guaranteed.

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Free repairs. Forever.

Yep, you read that correctly! We believe so strongly in buying less that we'll repair your Tee for as long as we can, completely free of charge. All you pay is shipping.

Citizen Wolf Magic Fit

Tailored by magic,
not measuring tapes.

Answer a few simple questions and let our Smart Fit algorithm create your custom Tee using mathematics. Based on 2500+ store fittings it's 95% accurate and also risk free, because we'll remake if it's not perfect. What are you waiting for?

Perfect fit needs honest answers.

Answer the questions below and we'll magically create the best Tee you've ever worn. Your data is secure, will never be shared and is only used to make your garment.


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All measures are in cm.

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