Why we're raising prices on December 1 Why we're raising prices on December 1

Why we're raising prices on December 1

Our factory staff are paid 10.6% more, and our fabrics are up to 19% more expensive than 18 months ago.

It’s expensive to make things in Australia and clothing is no exception*. Fabric and labour are the two biggest costs in making your clothes, and both have skyrocketed in the last 18 months.

Today, our factory staff are paid about 10.6% more, and our fabrics have gone up between 11-19% depending on fibre and weight. Australia Post has also put their prices up by 10-20% in recent weeks, and our power bill is also up 18%.

We’ve absorbed as much of this as we possibly can, but to maintain both the quality and the free repairs that you know and love, our prices are going up from December 1, 2023.

Not an easy decision to make, nor one we make lightly.

Whilst our prices might be changing, what hasn’t changed is our unwavering commitment to Aussie manufacturing and quality clothes made to last years, not wash cycles. 

Seven years ago we decided that Citizen Wolf clothes would be proudly made in Sydney and that we’d use Aussie-made fabrics where possible. The seven-year itch may be real, but today, we reaffirm our pledge to clothing that is not only made in Australia, but also certified by both Ethical Clothing Australia and B Corp as meeting the very highest standards to protect and nurture the talented women who make your clothes, as well as the only planet we've got.

We know that living your values and buying both sustainably and ethically is a privilege. And although Citizen Wolf was created for this very purpose, we only exist because you continue to buy our clothes and share our story with your loved ones.

And although we don’t do sales, this is akin to a sale – so whether you’re trying Magic Fit® for the first time, or wanting to stock up for summer, the next few weeks are the best time to upgrade your wardrobe to custom-fit.






PS - * High wages aren't bad, they're the reason most Aussies enjoy a relatively high standard of living in a stable democracy with a robust legal framework designed to protect employees and customers alike.

PS – Have you ever seen inside a clothing factory? If not, why not pop into our state-of-the-art Sydney factory for a visit? We’re open 6 days a week, and only too happy to give you a tour of what we believe is the future of fashion.



Written by Zoltan Csaki