Staying relevant amongst unique brands - a podcast. Staying relevant amongst unique brands - a podcast.

Staying relevant amongst unique brands - a podcast.

Last year, and long before COVID19 changed the world of conferences forever, our Co-Founder Eric sat down with Marc Raco at the Online Retailer Conference 2019 to discuss how deep authenticity can be cultivated and how to remain relevant in a growing marketplace of unique brands.

"It's not a principle until it costs you money" - Bill Bernbach


Listen to the podcast to get the low down on our origin story as well as how we developed the Magic Fit® algorithm via our first shop which would more accurately be described as a data-gathering exercise dressed up as a clothing store. 

You’ll also hear about how we balance the duality within the brand between the hyper-personal requirements of made-to-measure with what it means to be a good citizen of the world. And Eric also explains how Tees are a trojan horse into our much larger mission of moving the fashion industry from inherently wasteful mass-production to the eco friendly future of mass tailoring.

Plus there’s even a story about how Eric’s career in sales started at the tender age of only 5 years old, slinging Casio watches at Paddy's markets - true story!

And if you're keen to hear more, our other Co-Founder Zoltan is speaking at this year's Online Retailer Conference in October 2020, with tickets available soon.



Written by Zoltan Csaki