Hello Magic Fit® Hello Magic Fit®

Hello Magic Fit®

We’ve been making custom-fit tailored Tees for some time now. Each one measured by hand, cut by hand and sewn by hand. You could say we’ve taken quite a hands-on approach to making sure we get every T-shirt absolutely perfect.

When we started, everyone in the industry told us tailoring at scale couldn’t be done. Today we say they’re wrong and reap what we have sewn with the debut of Magic Fit® -

Magic Fit® is our algorithmic solution to ill-fitting clothes, overproduction, and subpar shopping experiences.

And it’s really, really easy to use. All we need is three (or four) bits of info to create made-to-measure Tees perfectly tailored to fit your body:

  • Height
  • Weight
  • Date of Birth
  • Bra (for women)

No measuring tapes, no “standard” sizes, and nothing to try on. Voilà!

Custom fit to your body with magic mathematics.


Magic Fit® = (Stats + Experience) x You.

There are two interwoven layers to the Magic Fit® algorithm, statistics and experience. Stats was the easy bit and we looked at over 196 million data points (yes, really!) across multiple anthropological data sets.

However, there was one glaring problem, we had zero experience in making garments! Our parents weren’t tailors so we never inherited the gene. So we started from first principles and this turned out to be our greatest advantage.  

No measuring tapes, no “standard” sizes and nothing to try on. Voilà.

We were, and still are, outsiders to the garment industry able to see their archaic practices for what they were: legacy systems centred around standard sizes and mass production.

Thousands of IRL Tee fittings at Citizen Wolf helped create Magic Fit®

Sourcing graded patterns was simple, but then came the task of understanding how they should be adjusted for every body. And so, from our humble shop in Darlinghurst, we began conducting manual fittings.

We’ve seen the same tee shirt worn by thousands of people – it must be a record. Men, women, short, tall, busty, petite, fit… and not so fit. We know where a Tee is likely to pinch or pull, where it might sag and where it could bag.

It’s safe to say we’ve got a complete understanding of the humble Tee, allowing all that statistical data to finally be put to use.

We’ve seen the same tee shirt worn by thousands of people – it must be a record.

And so, here we are.

Magic Fit® takes inputs which are unique to you and calculates skin measurements using a statistical model. This statistical model is then coupled with the more human element – experience – to apply tolerances and create your individual Tee shirt pattern. It’s our next step to making perfect fit accessible to everyone, our next step to reducing textile waste, and our next step to helping you truly love the clothes you wear.

All Citizen Wolf Tees are made-to-measure and can be purchased online in three simple steps:

  1. Choose a style
  2. Pick your favourite fabric
  3. Add Magic Fit®

It’s tailoring simplified and every Tee comes with free alterations should you need them. So give Magic Fit® a spin and if you have any recommendations, criticisms, or questions, we're all ears...



Written by Rahul Mooray