Keeping safe during COVID-19 Keeping safe during COVID-19

Keeping safe during COVID-19

UPDATE APRIL 3, 2020: Our factory remains open for online orders and we're working with the NSW government to (hopefully) pivot into PPE production. We also believe it's healthy to start thinking about the world that awaits us after COVID-19 and you can read our evolving analysis here.


As of tomorrow (March 19, 2020) we've decided to temporarily close our St Peters shop in light of the COVID-19 crisis. This is obviously not an easy decision for any business but prioritising the health and safety of our team is our first concern.

As you know our shop is also our factory and we feel this is a decisive way of ensuring the heart and soul of Citizen Wolf remains open – because at the end of the day the Tees you buy keep many families fed.

Our online shop remains open thanks to our Magic Fit® technology which we built precisely so you don't have to come into store!


Flattening the curve

COVID-19 and flattening the curve

Like so many at the moment, we’re reading widely about both the virus itself and the varied responses around the world.

In the understatement of the century, these truly are unprecedented times: the Italian mess will almost certainly leech into the rest of Europe; both France and the US have shut down; and most airlines will be bankrupt in 6 weeks’ time. Gulp. 

If there’s one thing we’ve learnt it's that 'flattening the curve' via social isolation is the most effective way to prevent catastrophe. 

Closing the shop is our tiny assist to (hopefully) helping to slow the inevitable spread just enough that our world-class health system is able to cope and is not forced to make heartbreaking decisions as happened in Italy and other countries.

“The only way to prevent Italy given our lack of testing is to socially isolate” - Andy Slavitt Former Acting Administrator US Medicare & Medicaid. 

The lesson is clear – it’s far easier to take tough preemptive measures now than deal with the fallout from being too complacent. Because although we are Ethical Clothing Australia accredited and our people are covered by guaranteed sick leave as a result – that's worthless if the entire system is overloaded...


After the storm

When this is all said and done, if there’s one thing COVID-19 will teach us is that globalisation is fantastic when it works… until it doesn’t.

China has been offline for almost 2 months now and whilst shutting down was hard it seems that restarting the world’s second largest economy is going to be even harder.

Yet another reason we're extremely proud of the fact we source 90%+ of our fabrics from Australian knitting mills meaning we’re not at the vagaries of globalisation. Not only is this good for the planet but it’s now proving to be a priceless immunity to keeping the doors open.


Zoltan & Eric,



PS - For any customers who have recently bought instore or chosen to click and collect, please do not come in – we will be in touch to get your address and will ship your orders instead, free of charge.


Written by Zoltan Csaki