Introducing the Zero Waste Scarf Introducing the Zero Waste Scarf

Introducing the Zero Waste Scarf

Did you know that every year approximately 60 BILLION m2 of fabric ends up on cutting room floors around the world as waste? To put that into perspective, it's roughly equivalent to the entire landmass of Sri Lanka. Really.

These offcuts are the leftover pieces cut between the various panel shapes required to make any garment. Most brands never think about them and most factories send them straight to landfill – yet another egregious example of the waste built into the flawed 'business as usual' system of overproduction.

Imagine the entire landmass of Sri Lanka covered in scrap fabric waiting to be sent to landfill... every, single, year.

60 BILLION m2 of fabric offcut scrap is landfilled every year  

Make a statement whilst making a difference.

As you may have guessed, we do things differently here at Citizen Wolf.

We've been proudly crafting our famous Zero Waste Totes from our offcut scraps for years, plus we regularly run workshops espousing the value of upcycling where you can make your own tote, either from home or in our factory.

We always knew there were more products that would benefit from the same treatment. But it's also always been something that we'd get to once the bazillion other things clamouring for our attention subsided. And that's exactly where we find ourselves during COVID19, with a bit more time and some breathing space to revisit a few things that were pushed to the backburner.

So we're thrilled to introduce the newest member of the pack – the unisex Zero Waste Scarf – available now for only $79 in four eye-catching 'mostly' colour themes.


What do you mean by 'mostly'?

The colours, fabrics and textures of every Zero Waste Scarf vary within the colour theme chosen. The exact composition changes with the seasons, but you can expect any tonal combination of the natural fabrics we use in our Tshirt production.

In summer you're likely to get more hemp and lighter weight organic cottons because they're the Tees we're making, whereas in winter the heavier organic cottons and merino become more prevalent.

Either way you can't lose because we only use natural fibres and because our fabrics are already preshrunk, you can wash your new Zero Waste Scarf without fear of shrinkage or twisting. Hallelujah.

Expect any tonal combination of the natural fabrics we use in our Tshirt production within the handmade patchwork of your Zero Waste Scarf.

Unisex Zero Waste Scarf in 'Mostly' Blue

Unisex Zero Waste Scarf in 'Mostly' Green

Unisex Zero Waste Scarf in 'Mostly' Black

Unisex Zero Waste Scarf in 'Mostly' Red


The perfect length. The perfect gift.

At a generous 190 cm in length and with a double-layer thickness measuring 35 cm wide, the new Zero Waste Scarf is perfect for anyone reducing their footprint and wanting to wear your values loud and proud.

And because the patchwork is handmade, each scarf is completely unique and one-of-a-kind making it the perfect gift for that special someone in your life.





Written by Zoltan Csaki