How to create your signature look. How to create your signature look.

How to create your signature look.

Do you want to look like everyone else?

OK, dumb question. Of course you don't! You're a stand-out personality, and your clothing should reflect that.

And believe it or not, the best way to do that is to edit, not add. We've run down the practical benefits of downsizing your wardrobe, but today is all about aesthetics.

Minimising your wardrobe is easy, but you don't want to minimise your style. Instead, careful selection of a few stand-out items will help you create a signature look that will get you noticed.


Make a Statement Without Saying a Word

For better or worse, your clothes make a strong first impression. So what is it you want to say?

You can design a wardrobe that says you're approachable and fun, or you can go for an ultra-polished, I'm-the-smartest-person-in-the-room vibe. Rebellious or regal? Hip or heroic? You can do one or two things really well, but you can't do it all.

To get started, eliminate all the vibes you don't like. You're an adult in charge of your life, so no one can make you wear anything that's not you! That should make it easier to zoom in on a look that's all you - not your mum, your boss, or someone else's idea of you.


Your Signature Look, Decoded

Once you've started to design your personal uniform, it's important to think beyond the basics to include the finishing touches that make your look totally unique.

Let's get to it.

Colour Neutrals are the workhorses of your wardrobe, but a pop of your favourite colour is a must-have for variety and some self-expression. Choose a colour you look great in — or just one you love.

If that colour happens to be black or white, that's fine too, but any hue that's you will blend with your foundation pieces to add interest to your closet. You can pick several shades if you like, but just make sure they all play nicely together for maximum mix-and-match possibilities (and zero stress mornings).



Where do you spend most of your time, and what's the dress code there? If you work in an office or somewhere the public can see you, you probably need a work-ready look in addition to your weekend duds.

Try a signature look for work — think blazers and cardigans — that can be pared down to its essentials for the weekend. If possible, choose basic layers that work for both, and you'll instantly streamline your look.



Do you like tailored cuts or a looser, boho vibe? What's your stance on pattern? Do you have a favourite decade? The overall style of clothing you gravitate toward should dictate your signature look.

Style isn't about chasing trends — it's about sticking to clothes that make you feel powerful. If you love the way it looks, don it like armour and ride that look to the battlefield, baby!



We can't stress enough the importance of fit when it comes to putting together your signature look. Your clothing should fit you perfectly — no compromises. That might mean becoming a brand loyalist when you find something you love, or it could mean cosying up to a seamstress to make adjustments to the length of your trousers or the waistline of a dress.

Alternatively, you can also order clothes made just for you so you get the perfect fit right out of the gate. Fabrics Believe it or not, fabric can be part of your signature look as well. While you might not care whether your top is organic linen or a poly blend, the texture of the fabric will affect the way it looks — and that's everything when it comes to your personal style.

Are you going for a crisp look that holds its shape? Cotton wovens are for you. Love all things loose and flowy? Lightweight fabrics cut on the bias will drape beautifully and move when you do.


Signature Pieces

Sometimes all it takes to create a look that's totally you is a single piece that you wear everywhere.

Are you in love with a great pair of boots? Do you only take your jeans off to sleep? Maybe you've got Buddy Holly glasses or a killer shade of lipstick you're never seen without. Guess what? You're allowed to wear something every day if you love it enough, and it's the key to elevating your look from signature to icon status.


This is part three of a four part series on creating your personal uniform. We'll explore the above topics in even more depth with future posts - stay tuned!






Written by Eric Phu