Why you need a personal uniform. Why you need a personal uniform.

Why you need a personal uniform.

Quick: Make a list of the top five most important things in your life. No pencil required — you can do this in your head.

Your list is totally personal and unique to you, but we probably share some of the same broad strokes. Family? Check. Friends? Of course. Perhaps your work or a passion project or ultra-cool hobby rounds out your list. 

You know what almost never makes anyone's list? Clothes.

Not that your wardrobe isn't important. Of course it is! What you wear shows off your personality and turns your body into a billboard to broadcast who you are to the world. But do you really want to spend precious time putting together an outfit when you could be out there using your superpowers to save the world?


The Case for Sticking to a Uniform

If it takes you longer than 90 seconds to decide what to wear in the morning, you need a uniform. All superheroes have them, so why not you? A personal uniform doesn't mean that you have to wear the exact same outfit every day — no one's suggesting that you bore yourself to death! But it does mean that you have a go-to look that you can pull together in your sleep. Cutting down your wardrobe to its bare essentials is a totally life-changing idea. Here's why:


The Right Fit

You should feel confident about your clothes every single day, not just when you put on your favourite shirt. We'd bet the farm that the outfits you love best fit you like a glove and allow you just the right freedom of movement to do the things you love, whether it's singing in a band or programming some kick-ass code.

So it should be a no-brainer to harness the way these best-ever clothes make you feel by wearing them every day. Get that perfect t-shirt in several colours and suddenly you have an everyday wardrobe you can look forward to putting on.


No-Fuss Mornings

For starters, cutting back on the number of colours and patterns you wear will help you get ready faster. Who has time to waste worrying about which shirt to pair with which pants? Solid colours are your friend!

When designing your personal uniform, you should be able to blindly reach for any top and know that it will work with any bottoms. It's grab and go, and it will leave you with extra time to use on something way more important that picking out an outfit.

Pro Tip: Go with patterns on top or bottom, not both. That way you can kiss clashing goodbye, even if you need to get dressed during a power outage.


Your Signature Look

When you think about a fashion icon, how many different outfits do you see them in? James Dean and Audrey Hepburn's looks are memorable because they knew exactly what worked for them — and they stuck to it.

Whether you love a certain colour or a just-so cut of a shirt, your uniform will actually make your look more memorable as it becomes another layer to your character. Will you be the chick who wears all black or the guy who somehow makes jeans work everywhere he goes? Your best look will feel perfectly right and never, ever boring. And oh, yeah — you'll be comfortable, too!


A Sustainable Lifestyle

Filling your closets with fast fashion is like eating junk food: It may fill you up for a moment, but it leaves you feeling bloated and unsatisfied in the long run (#sorrynotsorry, French fries!). Having a pile of trendy tops may be fun, but what happens when they're out of style next month? Sticking to your uniform is a much better move for the environment — especially when you invest in quality pieces that will last for years instead of just a few washes. You can do good and look good at the same time, amigos. 

To craft your personal uniform, it's a good idea to start with the basics. A great t-shirt is a must-have layering piece for everyone, and Citizen Wolf will make yours to your exact measurements and specifications. It's not the only thing you need in your closet, though. In our next post we'll pick apart exactly how to develop your personal uniform — including the basics you need and how to make sure your look is flexible and fun so you can be more you every day. 


This is the first of a four part series on creating your signature style. Have a topic you'd like to read more about? Let us know!









Written by Eric Phu