B Corp Month makes voting with your wallet easy B Corp Month makes voting with your wallet easy

B Corp Month makes voting with your wallet easy

No matter how much of a minimalist you are, we all spend money every day. From banking, to vino to bog roll, our wallets are a powerful political tool to pull a better future forward one small step at a time. Unfortunately, voting with your wallet is fraught with difficulty due to rampant greenwashing, particularly in the fashion industry.

But the good news is that choosing a B Corp is a really easy filter to make sure that your hard-earned dollars are doing the most good possible by supporting business as a force for good by balancing people, planet and profit. Here at Citizen Wolf we proudly became B Corp certified last year, and in celebration of B Corp month we wanted to share some of our fave Aussie brands who are also doing #BetterBusiness.

“Unfortunately, voting with your wallet is fraught with difficulty due to rampant greenwashing, particularly in the fashion industry.”



The best way to start the day is with a brew from our neighbours in Precinct 75, Sample Coffee. They’re committed to responsibly sourcing the best beans from around the world and offer barista training to share their knowledge and build community.

“All of 4 Pines spent grain from the brewery is used for cattle feed or for baking dog treats and their used yeast is also turned into a renewable energy source.”

And what better way to end the day than with a lovely drop from Team Unico? Their wines and spirits are designed to reconnect with nature and honour the land, whether it’s working with South Australia’s dry climate to perfect their grapes, or using native botanicals for their gin.

Not a wine connoisseur? Any 4 Pines Beer is sure to quench that thirst for a better world. Made right here on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, they're committed to reducing their impact on the planet by, among other things, converting the spent grain after brewing into cattle feed or dog treats. We’ll drink to that!



Koala have disrupted the furniture game through minimal, sustainably produced designs for every part of your house. Beyond human habitats, they balance profit with conservation of our endangered species, and in partnership with WWF they adopt a Koala for every one of their mattresses sold, so you’re bound to sleep well at night.

We all know the unforgettable scent of Aesop’s luxurious skincare and fragrances. But did you know that since the launch of their Aesop Foundation in 2017, they have donated approximately $3.4m of product to support communities, medical staff and family violence survivors? Sometimes you’ve just gotta stop and smell the roses.

“In partnership with WWF, Koala adopt a IRL Koala for every one of their mattresses sold.”

Karst is for those who love journaling just as much as they love trees. They've created world’s first ever tree-less stationery made of stone paper including sketch pads, notebooks, journals, planners and pencils. Their mission is to inspire people and workplaces to live more creatively and consciously at the same time. 

Who Gives a Crap? This business sure does! Just when you thought toilet paper, tissues and paper towels couldn’t get more glam, these designs put the fun in functional with their beautiful wrapping to brighten up the bog. Crowned B Corps ‘Best for the world’ honouree 3 years in a row (wow!), they donate 50% of profit to help build toilets in the developing world. 



Bank Australia is designed for those who believe in a fair and just world, and epitomises using your money as a force for good. That’s why at Citizen Wolf, we made the decision to put our money where our mouth is and change banks last year. As the first customer owned bank in Australia, they answer to their customers rather than external shareholders and are committed to climate action by investing in renewable energy and refusing to fund extractive industries or live animal exports.

Future Super is Australia's first fossil fuel free superannuation fund. They emphasise the importance of your super being a powerful tool to combat climate change, and their mission is to facilitate the movement of money into clean energy projects. For full transparency, they share all investment details here

“As the first customer owned bank in Australia, Bank Australia answer to their customers rather than external shareholders.”

Forget Tinder, Goodments is an investment app which has been designed to match people to shares and funds based on their environmental, social and ethical values. This challenges traditional investing by empowering you to make responsible and informed investments that honour people and the planet.

Sendle is yet another Australian first, they’re our 100% carbon neutral delivery service focused on being cheaper, greener and simpler than your average. They provide a door-to-door delivery service, giving the customer the control. You can use whatever packaging you like (compostable, duh) and you won’t even need to line up at the post office. Talk about COVID friendly.



Our good friends at Good Day Girl offer a more personal way of shopping for daywear. Like us, they’re made to order and are committed to saving clothing from landfill with their zero waste model.

Everyone wears jeans but only Outland Denim has a lasting impact beyond their wear as a social enterprise providing training and employment opportunities to vulnerable women in Cambodia.

“The clothes you wear have a direct impact on the way you feel and your well being.”

Feel good and look good by dressing up your jeans with modern womenswear label, Arnsdorf. They’re believers that the clothes you wear have a direct impact on your emotional well being and this belief is woven throughout their ethically transparent Aussie supply chain.

If you’re working on your commitment issues, why not rent something from Glam Corner? They’re a luxury clothing rental business born to fix the "I have nothing to wear" issue we face for special occasions, which often results in outfits being discarded after one wear. No need to sacrifice the planet anymore for that 'brand new' feeling.



“It’s not a principle until it costs you money” - Bill Bernbach

Our mission at Citizen Wolf is to re-engineer the way that clothes are made at scale to be carbon negative & custom fit to every body thanks to our Magic Fit® technology.

We do that by making every Tee on-demand, which means making only what we sell and above all, not contributing to the overproduction crisis that is the dirty little secret of the legacy fashion industry – where 33% of new clothes made each year are plowed straight back into the ground without being sold. It's completely insane and it's gotta stop in service of avoiding catastrophic climate change.

Becoming part of the B Corp movement means that as we scale, we're held to the very highest standards of ethics and transparency globally and we're extremely proud to be celebrating our first B Corp month this year. 



Written by Florence McGlynn