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About Citizen Wolf

Citizen Wolf exists for those who know what they want but hate wasting time trying to find it. We offer tailored-fit plus personalised style and our Tees will be the best you've ever worn. Guaranteed.

Why? Because details matter, and the most important detail is fit. Amazing fit means you look great and feel even better. Sadly mass produced S-M-L sizes fail over 80% of people which is more than a little frustrating 47 years after we put man on the moon.

Citizen Wolf uses a simple but revolutionary process to capture your customisations in seconds and without measuring tapes! We then handmake each tee in Sydney from certified 100% organic cotton milled in Melbourne.

Tees are our first product but this is only the beginning. Our ambition is to create a wardrobe of uniquely perfect basics built exclusively around you.

Stop hunting. Start creating.



If fit is so important, why does everyone make it so freaking hard? Because the fashion industry is built on what’s easy for the retailers, not you the customer. Mass production means compromises, such as limited sizes or style choices. It’s a model that’s built empires so why break it, right?

Citizen Wolf does things differently: putting you at the heart of every step. We’ve re-engineered every detail and process - from production to retail - to fit around you. Rather than accepting the status quo, we believe fashion can be better.


People don’t hate clothes, but they often hate clothes shopping. It’s a frustration filled process trying on different garments, dealing with stock or style availability and pushy staff. Even buying online is frustrating, with over 30% of purchases being returned due to poor fit or misaligned expectations.

Citizen Wolf replaces all of that with an intuitive and revolutionary “no measurements” fit experience. Start with one of our style templates, then choose your favourite fabric and adjust the fit via simple questions to make it perfect. We then handmake it for you right here in Sydney using lasers (yes, lasers!). It’s the way shopping should be.



Most tees are washed as the last step before being sold. At Citizen Wolf, this is our first step: we use a double-action wash to eliminate all shrinkage before we cut the panels. This also includes a bio-enzyme to soften the 180 gsm organic cotton to an extra luxurious finish. It’s a detail that’s more time consuming and costly, but it ensures your custom Tee fits you perfectly first time, every time.

We hand make everything ethically in Sydney from certified 100% organic cotton milled in Melbourne. And by making them on demand to your specifications, there is significantly less wastage and impact on the environment compared to mass manufacturing. So you look great, but also feel great - inside and out.



We want every Citizen Wolf tee to be your favourite. In fact we guarantee it will fit perfectly or we’ll remake it free.

When it comes to re-ordering, it’s a simple click to let us know how many of each colour you want: no more shopping hassles, frustrations or guesswork. Get perfect Tees exactly when and how you want them.


Zoltan Csaki, Co-Founder
Eric Phu, Co-Founder

December 10, 2015