Personal uniforms of the rich and famous. Personal uniforms of the rich and famous.

Personal uniforms of the rich and famous.

Thinking about developing a signature style that revolves around a personal uniform? You're not alone!

Lots of successful, creative people have done just that. After all, when you've got a multi-zillion dollar corporation to run, songs to write, and things to create, who has time to stand in front of a packed closet wondering what to wear in the morning?

There are plenty of style icons to look up to when it comes to developing the perfect uniform. That's not to say you should copy any of the looks suggested below.

Instead, get inspired by the panache and total confidence of the great minds here — and then get cracking on your own superhero uniform (capes not required).


Mark Zuckerberg

The founder and brains behind Facebook wears the same thing to work every day, and it couldn't be more basic. Zuck dons a grey t-shirt, jeans and sneaks.

How come? He's the first to admit that he wants to eliminate the number of decisions he makes each day so that he can focus on ruling the social media world. He's lucky enough to call the dress code shots at his own business, but it must be working if we're all still logging on.


Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs

Another famous tech god kept things simple, too. Steve Jobs never changed his clothes.

In fact, if you close your eyes right now, you probably have no trouble picturing him in his uniform of a black mock turtleneck, faded jeans, and athletic trainers. And he did it for decades.

He even tried to make Apple employees follow suit, but they weren't having it — which just goes to show that style is personal.


Johnny Cash

The Man in Black got his name for obvious reasons — his signature colour. The country star's uniform was a bit more flexible than our tech gurus', but he nearly always wore some combination of black pants, vest, and suit jacket.

He may have mixed it up with a black or white button down or t-shirt depending on his mood, but the basics were interchangeable. Signature statement piece: a cowboy hot, usually black.


Matilda Kahl

As a leading art director for a major advertising agency, Matilda Kahl has a lot of freedom to wear whatever she likes to work. But too many choices actually made her miserable, so she decided to switch to a uniform after a particularly miserable morning of stressing about what to wear.

Her signature look of white silk tops, black slacks and a cute ribbon necktie has even inspired a movement where she works.


Anna Wintour

Love the idea of a uniform but not ready to embrace a monochromatic palette? Take a cue from Vogue editor Anna Wintour and focus on the line of your clothes instead.

Though she wears a rainbow of different colours and patterns to highlight all sorts of designers, Wintour's look is always tailored and nipped in at the waist, whether that's the cut of a dress or a blazer.

Signature statement pieces: Sleek bob haircut and oversized shades.


Vera Wang

You'd think fashion designers would put on something wildly different with each season to reflect what they put up on the runway, but Vera Wang embraces a sleek uniform instead.

Wang goes for comfort first, using leggings and a t-shirt as her building blocks. Her creativity shines through in the accessories, which range from snazzy belts and boots to couture overcoats.


Tom Wolfe

Writer Tom Wolfe has a classic look that he's been wearing for decades, and it totally works.

Picture a tailored suit with a boldly patterned tie and pocket square (sometimes they match each other, sometimes they don't). Add a jaunty fedora and you've got a literary look that works in any decade — that's what we mean by timeless!

Lest you find this too stuffy, keep in mind that he rocks a natty white suit in the summertime.


So from casual millennial fare to classic dresses and suits, the personal uniforms of these famous folks are just that: personal. No matter what your job or general outlook on life, you too can step up and be the hero of your own story.

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Written by Eric Phu