This Week on Shark Tank - Citizen Wolf is On! This Week on Shark Tank - Citizen Wolf is On!

This Week on Shark Tank - Citizen Wolf is On!

Shark Tank invited the Citizen Wolf founding team to present on the show, and this week we air on TV! We shared with the investors both our mission and the technology we built to make it a reality. Sadly none of that made it to air (hahahaha) but you can watch the recap here:



According to Econsultancy, many shoppers choose to research products online, then to go on and buy offline. What is that?

We think we know the answer...

When you buy a tee online, the biggest tradeoff is that you cannot try before you buy. What online shopping has not been able to provide is the ability for you to check that your tee fits, before you commit.

That is until now.

At Citizen Wolf, we cut tees to your size. We do that with the Smart Fit calculator and our laser cutters. Our algorithm takes your age, weight and height (and bra size if applicable), and precisely calculates the perfect fit for your tee. Our laser cutter then goes to work and cuts your perfect fitted garment.

You get the best results and without the price tag that comes with tailor made clothing.

That is one of the many qualities of the Citizen Wolf Tee of which the investors at Shark Tank have learned. With The Citizen Wolf Tee, you also get a garment that is:

  • More sustainable
  • More environmentally friendly
  • Ethically sourced
  • Made from the best cotton and merino wool
  • Affordable

We are on a mission to change fashion for you and for our planet.

Join us.


Written by Zoltan Csaki