The unexpected collab that led to a better product. The unexpected collab that led to a better product.

The unexpected collab that led to a better product.

Since Day 1 markets have been an important way to get the Citizen Wolf brand out to a wider audience and we've got the battle scars to prove it. 

Like our first summer, where every Sunday was spent incredibly hungover at the Bondi Markets trying to sell a pre-Magic Fit® measuring tape based experience to people who (in hindsight) just wanted a temporary reprieve from the blazing sun. Spoiler alert, it didn't work.

Or that time the state government of Victoria texted the entire population of Melbourne and told them to stay inside during wild storms lashing the city. Which was the very same weekend we'd taken a large punt on our first interstate market. 

But what we've never done is collab with the biggest and best market operator in the land... until now!


Our first collab.

Back in September we were approached by the ops team at The Big Design Market Sydney to see if we could help with reducing waste at the event. 

As part of their promotion for the Sydney market they'd produced 35 enormous banners featuring the striking art of Maylin Evanochko aka Mazdevallia that went up around the city guiding people down to where the markets were held at Barangaroo.

They'd seen our original Zero Waste Tote and wanted to see if we could use their banners as linings rather than send them to landfill.

Of course we said yes, and our first collab was born!


From lemons to lemonade.

The easy thing to do would've been to change nothing more than sub out the current banners we were using as lining for our original Zero Waste Tote and use these new ones instead.

But because we love making our own lives difficult we believe passionately in the Japanese concept of Kaizen, we took the opportunity to make a few modifications and improvements to the construction of the bag based on customer feedback.

We've listened and for the second edition of our famous Zero Waste Tote, we've made the following upgrades:

  • extra wide 4 cm woven cotton strap handles for increased comfort
  • internal pocket to keep your phone safe
  • longer front patch pocket which is more secure
  • updated the screenprinted art



Launching at The Big Design Market Melbourne.

We think the result speaks for itself and we hope you agree. If you want to check out the upgrades in the flesh, the Zero Waste Tote (2nd Edition) will be launching at the Big Design Market Melbourne next weekend December 6-8 at the Royal Exhibition Building in Carlton.

Come and say hi!




Written by Zoltan Csaki