Honoured to be named #7 on Ragtrader's Tech 20 list! Honoured to be named #7 on Ragtrader's Tech 20 list!

Honoured to be named #7 on Ragtrader's Tech 20 list!

We’re chuffed to announce that our co-founder Zoltan Csaki has been named #7 on Ragtrader’s Tech 20 list of the most influential people in online fashion for 2020!

According to Ragtrader, Australians love to shop online and fashion is the largest segment of the pie with revenue in the local ecomm market expected to grow at an annual rate of 5% through 2024 (Statista). 

Sounds great, right? Not so fast...

Because according to Ragtrader if left unchecked, it’s predicted the fashion industry alone will use 2x earths’ worth of resources by 2030 - and you don’t have to be Einstein to figure out that’s approximately one earth too many!

It’s clear that business as usual isn’t ok anymore and we need to find a better way to make clothing at scale.

Zoltan made the list thanks to the sustainability creds at the core of Citizen Wolf made possible thanks to our award-winning tech stack which enables on-demand manufacturing and tailoring at scale.

So thank you Ragtrader, because this is just the beginning of our journey. Our plan is to prove the viability of on-demand so that the rest of the industry joins us in a more sustainable approach to clothing the planet.





Written by Zoltan Csaki