We won Gold at the Good Design Awards! We won Gold at the Good Design Awards!

We won Gold at the Good Design Awards!

Since 1958 The Good Design Awards have been Australia’s most prestigious awards for innovation and we're incredibly proud to have been awarded a gold trophy in the fashion impact category.

There was a record number of 700 submissions this year and the judges in our category included Kit Willow and Melinda Tually from Fashion Revolution who commented:

"Citizen Wolf are to be commended for their innovative use of tech, via both their use of data to eliminate textile waste as well as their proprietary algorithm to create 95% accurate body measurements" - Good Design Award Judging Panel


Citizen Wolf | Good Design Award Gold Winner


Fashion is the second-most destructive business on earth behind oil, so cleaning up the industry is critical to the planet. Yet the unspoken irony of most ‘sustainable’ fashion brands that still run a mass manufacturing model (which almost all do) is that they're plagued by the same structural issues of overproduction, inaccurate forecasting and landfill as the rest of the industry.

Even the greenest supply chain amounts to nothing when one in three pieces of clothing made go straight to landfill or are incinerated without being sold (shame on you Burberry, though they’re not alone). Worse, a further one in three pieces are sold but end up in landfill anyway within only 12 months having fallen apart or simply fallen out of fashion.

Combined we send 66 billion garments into landfill every single year globally. Think about that mind boggling stat for a second.

Without addressing these systemic issues, ‘sustainable’ fashion is reduced to nothing more than greenwashing. 

The only viable solution to avoiding unnecessary landfill is making clothes on-demand only when they are needed, which is exactly why Good Design Australia have recognised Citizen Wolf as an innovator in sustainability.

Custom fit to your body with magic mathematics.

 Citizen Wolf wins Gold at the Good Design Awards


Citizen Wolf’s gold award in the 2019 Fashion Impact category recognises our innovative on-demand manufacturing model and validates our ambition to prove a viable alternative to the mass production of clothing at scale. 

Starting with T-shirts, Citizen Wolf rethinks the entire process of making clothes to be local, ethical and made-to-measure by default. Using magic not measuring tapes (aka algorithms) to automate the process of tailoring online, every Citizen Wolf Tee is made on-demand to fit the unique body of the customer in the most planet-friendly way possible. Each T-shirt is cut by laser and ethically sewn in their purpose built factory in St Peters (Sydney) with zero waste and Ethical Clothing Australia accreditation.


Citizen Wolf's innovative on-demand manufacturing system using lasers to cut individual garments Citizen Wolf's incredibly simple 4 step process

Better yet, the process is incredibly easy and also fast.

Choose your style and fabric and Magic Fit® instantly converts your height, weight and age (plus bra for women) into a bespoke pattern to fit your unique body. Your Tee is made and shipped within 10 days. Magic Fit® is 94% accurate and if the Tee isn’t perfect we offer free alterations.

The result is that our customers have an entirely different relationship with their Citizen Wolf Tees than the rest of their wardrobe. It’s a much deeper emotional connection - usually described as ‘love’ - and when you love something you wear it more often and repair it rather than throw it in the bin which is a very simple yet extremely powerful way to be kind to the planet.

The ultimate vision here at Citizen Wolf is to reboot the entire industry away from mass production towards on-demand manufacturing at scale for the casual clothes we wear everyday. Our proof of concept is T-shirts but our proprietary manufacturing system can make anything. This is just the beginning.

Welcome to the journey.



Written by Zoltan Csaki