The Citizen Wolf Manifesto The Citizen Wolf Manifesto

The Citizen Wolf Manifesto

We’ll be the first to admit it: Citizen Wolf is not for everyone. 

While we started out with a desire to be a “mass brand” we quickly realised that in trying to be everything to everyone one, we’d end up meaning nothing to anyone.

Like any business, we are constrained by decisions made around time, money and quality. As the old adage goes, you can pick any two of them. At Citizen Wolf, we have unashamedly prioritised quality first, at the most reasonable price we could achieve. 

And what we mean by quality is simple: a perfect Tee for every individual customer without any compromises in fit, fabric, style or durability.

In the mass produced world we live in, Tees are a commodity product. And for many people, this is perfectly fine. “Good enough” is good enough. A $20 generic T-shirt that lasts six months is adequate.

Citizen Wolf is not the brand built for that market. Not because of snootiness or snobbery - we are actually fans of many of these brands (such as Uniqlo) ourselves. The truth is that it is a market that’s already well serviced and there isn’t much value in yet another copycat fashion brand.

But for what we call the “wolves” of the world - those individuals who want more than a generic casual Tee - their choices are significantly more limited. Their only real choice is to move up-market to more expensive designer Tees, with increasing difficulty in finding the perfect style and fit combination.

So Citizen Wolf is made for those individuals: to provide more choice and less compromise.

So who are our wolves? They are defined by the following qualities:


Wolves are opinionated. They’re comfortable with both people and ideas outside the mainstream herd. Wolves know exactly what they want and aren’t afraid to go out and grab it.


Wolves are characterised by a quiet confidence and derive self-esteem from within. They don’t need external validation and don’t wait for people to tell them what’s cool. They aren’t slaves to trends because they are too busy blazing their own paths.


Contrary to the popular myth, wolves are not loners but highly social animals with strong pack loyalty. And unlike sharks, wolves are true ‘citizens’ who care about their fellow men and have a strong sense of civic duty.


A wolf is someone you respect and look up to because they get things done. Wolves highly value their time and spend it on things that matter. Rather than dwell on obstacles and barriers, they conquer them. 


Wolves understand that value is not simply measured by a sticker price - it’s also durability over time and the satisfaction derived from a well made product. Quality trumps quantity every time.

In short, our wolves know exactly what they want. So Citizen Wolf was founded to provide it in the simplest, least frustrating way.

We hope to welcome you to our Pack.






Written by Eric Phu