Hot on the heels of opting-in to the Modern Slavery Act last week, we were interviewed by SBS World News about how we’re radically shortening our supply chain to clean up the mess of the fast-fashion industry, and making every Citizen Wolf Tee ethically in Sydney using fabrics knitted in Melbourne.

The segment aired on Saturday, August 17 and you can watch it in full below: 

What's really incredible about the story is that The Freedom Hub - who we’ve recently partnered with on our journey to eliminate slavery within our supply chain - had a staff member who used to be a cotton picking slave in Uzbekistan. 

Yes, really! 

Nazira Zuptarova is 33 now, but as a child was forced to work without pay along with her entire village by the government under a state-controlled system of forced, unpaid labour. She says:

“All the schools and colleges would close because the kids would stop studying so they could go to the fields to pick cotton. It was something we accepted as normal because other families were also forced to do that but I never saw any money, no-one was paid”. 

Read more about her story on SBS which is so crazy it’s borderline unbelievable, but oh-so sadly very true.

And if you want to help to create a better world where everyone is treated with respect and dignity regardless of race, creed or colour then please support our journey to create the most planet- and human-friendly Tees in the universe.






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