Free shipping on most Aussie orders. Free shipping on most Aussie orders.

Free shipping on most Aussie orders.

To ship free, or not to ship free… that is always the question. Logistics are both an incredibly important part of the customer experience but also an incredibly expensive part of doing business -- especially in Australia where the tyranny of distance is still very real.

Until now we’re been extremely liberal with our free shipping policy, not only never charging but often upgrading orders to express delivery at further cost every Xmas and when we know the couriers are useless in your area (which happens way more than it should).

Today we’ve made the tough decision to limit free shipping to orders above $99+. Importantly this change will not affect the great majority of customers who always order multiple items.

Anyone under the threshold will be charged a flat-rate of only $9 to anywhere in Australia. We’ve kept both the price and the threshold as low as possible because we are not in the logistics business.


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On the other hand we’ve also taken the opportunity to revise our international rates and have been able to drop the price from AUD$24 down to only $15 to most destinations for one Tee (aka 40% cheaper... really!) and only $19 for two.

And yes it’s completely fucking insane that it costs only a few bucks more to send something to London than it does to Leichhardt -- but again that just illustrates one of the main challenges of being a global brand based in the lucky country.

But how good are those beaches that are having a go, hey Scotty?!?


Written by Zoltan Csaki