It's Fashion Revolution Week And We Made Your Clothes It's Fashion Revolution Week And We Made Your Clothes

It's Fashion Revolution Week And We Made Your Clothes

This week is Fashion Revolution Week, a global campaign encouraging us all to collectively re-imagine a just and equitable fashion system for people and the planet.

Born out of the Rana Plaza collapse, Fashion Revolution encourages everyone to consider the simple question "who made my clothes?" in an attempt to bring light to the fact that the fashion industry is built on garment worker exploitation. Ten years on, there has been little progress with fashion brands churning out clothes even faster than before.


Re-engineered to slow things down

While we love making you the perfect Tee, we’re all about transforming this messed up industry. Citizen Wolf exists to re-engineer the fashion industry away from waste and injustice - a by-product of fast fashion. In a climate crisis fueled by greed, we're working to make clothes you'll love and be proud to wear. We've flipped the entire process on it's head to make it better for you, better for makers, and better for the planet.

Here's how it works.


1. We ask "What do you want?"



The fashion industry mass produces and over produces. We don't.

We make exactly what you want, when you want it and it's all thanks to Magic Fit®. Best of all, when you order, you have the chance to tell us exactly what you want. Extra long sleeves? A pocket on the front? A hole for your second head? We’ll do whatever you want, it really is your Tee.

While brands like H&M and Urban Outfitters burn their unsold stock, every Tee we sell is made on demand. This prevents over production and results in a 48% reduction of carbon emissions. We're happy knowing that every Tee we make already has a loving home waiting for it.


2. We laser cut in the fabric you choose

Every Tee we make is custom fit meaning every Tee needs to be cut individually; rather than cutting hundreds of standard sizes at a time. Your Magic Fit® Tee pattern is laser cut alongside any other Tees which are in the same fabric and colour. All off-cuts are turned into zero-waste tote bags and scarves.

It's a system we've developed to allow us to make garments on demand and at scale. We're proud of what we've created and hope the rest of the industry will adopt it one day.


3. We sew in our own factory

All our Tees are made in our Sydney factory. When it comes to fair fashion, brands shouldn’t ask you to take their word for it – even if they’re making clothes in-house like we are. That’s why we’re accredited by the stringent Ethical Clothing Australia certification, which ensures fair living wages and safe conditions.

We give x4 more of the cost of our Tees to the people who sew them compared to Aussie fast fashion brands – and our Tees cost a bit more too, so that everyone gets what they deserve.


4. We make sure it's perfect

Our office is under the same roof as our production team. We do it this way so that we can make sure – quite literally – that no one making our clothes does so in conditions we wouldn't want to work in ourselves. This also helps with quality control of your Tees, so what you get sent is exactly what you asked for.


5. We promise to repair your clothes. Free.

The longer you wear your Tee, the longer it stays out of landfill. Had it for years and years before you need repairs? No worries, this is a lifetime promise.

We're happy to cover the cost of repairs because it's a small price to pay to avoid over consumption.

While we’re proud of how Citizen Wolf runs, this shouldn’t be anything exceptional – and we’re going to keep working for an industry where living wages and comfortable work conditions are the norm, not a selling point.

That’s it from us for now, so happy Fashion Revolution Week everyone, and remember to keep asking "who made my clothes?". It's a small act capable of changing lives.



Written by Rahul Mooray