Ethical Clothing Australia (re)certified.

It's been a looooong process, but this week we're absolutely thrilled to reaffirm our commitment to manufacturing locally in Australia in the most responsible way known to mankind – which is a convoluted way of saying that we've been re-certified by Ethical Clothing Australia!

Why is this important?

Because buying from Australian manufacturers strengthens the local industry and importantly keeps your money in our domestic economy rather than sending it offshore mainly to the sixth richest bloke in the world (who probably doesn’t need anymore). 

But buying from ECA accredited businesses means you can also shop guilt-free knowing the people who made your clothes have been paid fairly and are working under the right conditions – all too rare in the fashion game as you well know.

We implore you to spend some time with Ethical Clothing Australia to research other brands who are also doing the right thing – because together we can flip this dinosaur of an industry on its head and do a whole lot of good in the process.


Further down the rabbit hole.

To further reinforce our commitment to being about so much more than just profit, last year we voluntarily opted-in to the Modern Slavery Act, with a long-term goal of identifying and abolishing slavery from our entire supply chain all the way back to the farms in India who grow our organic cotton and those in China who grow our hemp.

This obviously won’t happen overnight but importantly it’s on the roadmap, because as the famous management consultant Peter Drucker said “What gets measured gets managed”. 


Written by Zoltan Csaki