Did you see us on TV? Did you see us on TV?

Did you see us on TV?

It's not everyday you get on TV, let alone syndicated around the country on one of the biggest news networks! But that's exactly what happened on Sunday night when Gemma Acton from Channel 7 News did an entire 90 second segment on how Citizen Wolf is changing the fashion industry for good.


 We're more than a little bit excited to take our message and our technology to the world to end overproduction in the fashion industry. Making only what we sell is a radically simple idea with profound implications.

We've spent six years building the brand and developing our Magic Fit® technology to prove that zero waste, custom made to order clothing is a scalable alternative to the destructive default of wasteful overproduction in fashion the industry.

And the best bit? Custom fit clothing isn't just better for you and the planet, it's also better business – driving 3.5x higher loyalty and 4x lower returns for Citizen Wolf compared to the industry average.

Which is why we're asking our customers to become our business partners via Birchal. From as little as $250 you can become an integral part of how we scale the business and the technology to any garment, for any body, anywhere in the world.

Join us, and together we will write the next chapter in sustainable fashion.


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Written by Zoltan Csaki