Celebrating International Women’s Day Celebrating International Women’s Day

Celebrating International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day takes place on March 8, and this year we’re coming together to celebrate the theme of 'Invest in Women: Accelerate Progess'. We often hear about equality, but IWD is about going beyond that and striving for equity so that women have the resources needed to thrive and excel no matter where they are in the world.

The fashion industry bears witness to a whole range of gender inequity. Breaking that down requires understanding that women, and especially women of colour, are most at-risk in the fashion supply chain.

We do things differently here at Citizen Wolf compared to most clothing brands, and today we’re all about celebrating and uplifting the women who keep our business running. We’re also grateful for our customers who opt for our ethically, locally made Tees instead of fast fashion that exploits women. 

If you’re new here, or need a refresher on how we work to support gender equity, read on...



With 1 in 6 workers globally being part of the fashion industry, it’s mandatory for fashion to be part of the conversation around promoting equity for women.

1 in 6 workers around the world are part of the fashion industry, which means 17% of all workers, across all industries, across all countries are in the fashion supply chain. That’s a pretty big deal, especially considering the majority of those workers are women, with 80% being women of colour

Yet only 2% of garment workers globally are paid a living wage, enough to cover their baseline needs of food and housing. The rest are not paid enough.

Unfortunately, that’s the norm – their minimum wages (or less) keep them in a vicious cycle of poverty, forcing them to continue working in conditions that breach their most basic rights and safety. You can see why big brands making ‘feminist’ merch or talking about ‘girl power’ are complete hypocrites. Please never, ever, buy that shit! 

Sadly, discrimination and harassment are also rife for garment workers, and if we want to promote equity for women, it’s mandatory for fashion to be part of the conversation.



Citizen Wolf seamstresses are paid ~17% of the retail price of the clothes they make, which is 300% more than the average garment workers producing fast fashion.

The fashion industry is notorious for paying per piece of clothing made. Whilst on the surface this seems legit, it’s actually inherently exploitative, often resulting in hourly wages far below minimum standards. Plus, it also creates a stressful and negative work environment. 

By contrast, we pay our seamstresses hourly rates because we value the time, effort and expertise that flows from their hands into making your Citizen Wolf clothes.

Our seamstresses Kitty, Ling, ‘Aunty’ Bleh Wah and Tracy are all paid a living wage audited by Ethical Clothing Australia, which works out to be around 17% of the cost of our Tees – this is FOUR TIMES MORE than the garment workers producing fast fashion, who only get around 4% of the value of every garment.



There’s more to it than equitable pay though. All women should feel safe, comfortable and supported at work, and we make sure that Citizen Wolf lives up to that. Unlike most brands, all of our clothes are made right here in our local, purpose-built Sydney factory. That way everyone is working together, from our seamstresses to our Co-Founders and everyone in-between!

Another non-negotiable for us is all employees being able to take leave, whether it be for a holiday, some rest, to attend a protest, or paid parental leave.

Plus, every full time employee at Citizen Wolf has shares in the business, because our Co-Founders believe strongly that business is a team sport and that everyone who is part of our success, should also share in the rewards.



Sizing in fashion is flawed and offering a fixed set of sizes not only means that people get excluded, but even the same size will fit two people slightly differently. 

We solve this with our award-winning Magic Fit® technology which means each and every CW garment is custom-made to fit your body. This allows us to take into account the diverse range of bodies that exist, meaning each and every customer has the ability to truly express themselves through fashion.

Offering the same sizes for everyone may give equal options but this needs to be pushed further, and tailoring each individual garment to make sure it’s the perfect fit is part of how we truly embrace equity for everyone.

We’re committed to supporting and showing up for women, whether it’s directly through our own workplace practices or by demonstrating to others that fashion with equity for women is the future.




Written by Charlotte Brownlee