5 Benefits of Wearing Hemp Tees 5 Benefits of Wearing Hemp Tees

5 Benefits of Wearing Hemp Tees

Doing the right thing by the planet isn’t always easy. Worse, even when you try and do the right thing in terms of your clothing, it can be confusing – greenwashing, misleading facts and outright lies make things way harder than they need to be.

But we’ve got some good news for you – things don’t have to be hard!

We know that recycling is good for the environment. We know that clean eating is good for your health and your soul. And we know that wearing hemp clothing is one of the easiest and most beneficial things you can do for yourself, your family and the planet.

Don’t believe us?

Read on and you’ll discover five indisputable benefits of wearing hemp clothing today. We guarantee that you’ll be rushing out to buy your very first piece of hemp clothing in no time!


1 - Hemp is anti-microbial

5 Benefits of Hemp Tees: Hemp is antimicrobial | Citizen Wolf

When it comes to hemp, the benefits start before a single thread is even spun. The hemp 'bast' fibre from the plant is naturally anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic, with unique properties that work to fight against bacteria on your skin. Which also means you won’t have to wash your clothes as regularly either. Win-Win.

Furthermore, and unlike with cotton, hemp is naturally organic and needs almost zero chemicals and pesticides to grow. The effect of this is a non-toxic, chemical-free material that is perfect for anyone with sensitive skin or who is prone to allergies.


2 - Hemp is thermo-regulating

5 Benefits of Hemp Tees: Hemp is thermo-regulating | Citizen Wolf

Due to the naturally hollow structure of the hemp fiber, clothing made from hemp is thermo-regulating. What this means is that in winter it works naturally to insulate and keep your body warm, while in summer it breathes and helps your body to cool down.

Even better for those long Aussie summers is that hemp absorbs and wicks away water quicker than any other material. So if you’re the kind of person whose core temp runs on the hot side and is prone to sweating, then wearing hemp is a perfect solution.

Winter? Spring? Summer? Autumn? Hemp is a garment for all seasons.


3 - Hemp is UV resistant

5 Benefits of Hemp Tees: Hemp is UV resistant | Citizen Wolf

Summer is right around the corner and that means hot days spent outdoors in the sun and it doesn't long for the inevitable sunburn that goes along with it all.

The good news is that hemp has you covered with an SPF rating of 50+ (the same as most top tier sunscreens), blocking out 99.9% of UV-A and UV-B rays.

Now, if this were cotton or nylon, you might worry about how much you need to wear for this to take effect. Which might also make you question how hot you’re going to be. But go take a look at the second point. Did you read it again? That’s right, because hemp is also thermo-regulating, it will keep you cool while also keeping you safe.


4 - Hemp is 3x stronger than cotton

5 Benefits of Hemp Tees: Hemp is 3x stronger than cotton | Citizen Wolf

That speaks for itself, but what does that mean in practice? Being more durable, hemp will last longer which means you need to buy less overall, which in turn is also good for the planet.

Think about it like this – Australia is the second largest consumer of textiles in the world, buying on average 27kg of new clothing a year. Fashion notwithstanding, this is a burdensome strain on your wallet that just doesn’t have to exist. Not only is hemp clothing cool to wear (figuratively and literally) but its incredible tensile strength means that it will last much longer than cotton.


5 - Hemp is compostable

5 Benefits of Hemp Tees: Hemp is compostable | Citizen Wolf

The effects of not wearing hemp can be felt long after you hang that shirt up for the last time. Did you know that synthetic materials, such as nylon, can take up to two hundred years to decompose? And that’s not to mention all the unnatural chemicals and micro-plastics that are released during this process. It’s a horrid waste, and the long term effect it has on the environment is cataclysmic. If you switch to hemp you won't have that problem.

Hemp is 100% biodegradable, decomposing in as little as four weeks in your worm farm. When the time arrives where you can no longer wear your favourite hemp shirt, throw it out with your compost and let Mother Earth do the rest.


Doing good, made easy

The world can be a confusing place, now more so than ever. We’ve made it a little bit simpler by introducing you to the wondrous benefits of hemp clothing.

Whether you’re trying to stay cool in summer, keep the sun off your skin, or do what little you can to help combat climate change, hemp has you covered.

It couldn't be easier to do the right thing.




Written by Zoltan Csaki