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Buy Better by Buying Less


Fast fashion is like junk food: cheap, addictive and ultimately bad both for you and the environment. It’s a love-hate relationship built on exploitation and fads to drive consumerism. Citizen Wolf exists instead to promote a healthier relationship with the clothes you wear. Built around the three core principles below, our mantra is “buy better by buying less” because the less we all buy the more we protect our only planet’s limited resources.

Local is best.

You know food miles? Well the exact same thing applies in fashion and most of your clothes have criss-crossed the planet spewing unnecessary carbon in the process. This is clearly insane, so our story begins by building the shortest supply chain in the game: our core fabrics are knitted in Melbourne, every garment is cut in our Darlinghurst concept store and our seamstresses are a short walk away.

Ethical is mandatory.

We source our fabrics from Ethical Clothing Australia (ECA) accredited mills which are regularly audited to ensure zero labour exploitation. Our seamstresses are independent and paid above average piece rates due to their exceptional attention to detail. And our Merino Wool jersey is certified cruelty-free and sourced only from unmulesed sheep in Australia and NZ.

Sustainable is non-negotiable.

Our vision is nothing less than changing the global fashion industry, but that’s hard to do if the planet dies along the way. Which is why we build to last and count lifespan in years not washes. Plus we preshrink every T-shirt and guarantee they're stable in the wash, meaning you ultimately need to buy less. 

We also make everything on demand so there’s no unsold inventory going to landfill. And we source deadstock fabrics where we can, further reducing the amount of textile waste overall. Which is a good thing because Australia is the second largest consumer of textiles per capita in the world at 27 kg per year according to the ABC, fully double the global average. Almost all ends up in landfill and worse, the majority is blended non-biodegradable polyester which will pollute for centuries. That's why we never source petroleum derived yarns and instead use only eco-friendly and naturally biodegradable fibres such as cotton, wool, linen and hemp. 

Finally, we’re on track to become a zero-waste company thanks to some amazing recycling partnerships. And very soon we’ll have sewing machines instore offering free repairs to help close the loop.