It's that time of year again when we all start thinking about the fat man Koala in red, which quickly leads to cold sweats over the inevitable clusterf*ck of the postal system around Xmas.

On top of that, because we make everything made on-demand our cut off dates are much earlier than other retailers as we have to factor production time into the equation. 

Long story short, the final date for Tshirt orders with guaranteed Xmas delivery is Tuesday December 10. After that we'll try our best but cannot say with certainty that your Tees will make it under the tree...

The final date for Tshirt orders with guaranteed Xmas delivery is Tuesday December 10.

The exceptions are our famous laser cut gift cards as well as the Logo Tote and Zero Waste Tote bags which all can be ordered up until Sunday December 15 with free regular shipping as they are ready made.

Gift cards and Tote bags can be ordered up until Sunday December 22 with Express Shipping for only $5 extra.

And if you're running really (like really really!) late, select Express Shipping at checkout for only $5 extra and order gift cards or totes any time right up until Sunday December 22 and still make the cut off, though we can't help with your cortisol levels!




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