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A couple of weeks ago, Glynis Traill-Nash featured Citizen Wolf in an article on ethical fashion, in light of the global Fashion Revolution Week (thanks GTN!).

Since we began, our mission has been to make it possible for you to wear clothes that fit you perfectly. At the same time we wanted to minimise waste because we know that cutting room floor offcut waste is a huge issue in fashion; and our Earth suffers. And finally, we also wanted to give you access to the very best materials on the planet: the best organic cotton, and the best merino wool.

With our incredible Tshirt laser cutter, our awesome team and your belief in our mission we're making it happen and - according to The Australian - we're changing fashion for the better.


  1. Shop the Citizen Wolf Tee range and choose your favourite Tshirt style.
  2. Pick the colour and fabric you perfer
  3. Add Magic Fit, which drives our laster cutter to deliver custom-fit every time for every single customer.
  4. Know that you're minimising waste at the same time as getting the best fit and the best materials. Guaranteed.




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