Same tailoring. Same ethics. New prices from only $59! Same tailoring. Same ethics. New prices from only $59!

Same tailoring. Same ethics. New prices from only $59!

We started Citizen Wolf with an incredibly simple yet powerful idea - what if we could make tailoring as simple, fast and affordable as regular mass production?

Everyone in the fashion industry told us we were crazy. They said personalised fit couldn’t be done at scale. They said no one wants to wait for something to be custom-made. And of course they said no one would pay the premium for tailoring something as humble as a T-shirt.

Thankfully, they were all wrong.


Step 1: Better.

Over the last two years we’ve developed the technology to radically improve the UX of tailoring. What used to take hours of skilled labour can now be done instantly via algorithm. It's a better experience and a better product for you, and it's also better for the planet because there's zero waste and no unsold inventory ending up in landfill.


Step 2: Faster.

We also built an ethical factory from scratch based around single-piece workflow. From Day 1 we were always faster than regular tailors but since we brought the sewing inhouse we’ve reduced the build time for custom Tees by 65% - from 28 days down to an average of only 10 (and we’re getting faster all the time).


Step 3: Cheaper.

And although it’s taken two years of constant R&D, we’re thrilled to announce the the final piece of the puzzle - we’re dropping all our prices by $10 and launching a new lightweight cotton at the incredible price of $59! 

At 110 gsm it’s light enough to drape like silk, yet still as soft and gorgeous on the hand as our best-in-class organic cotton. And like all our fabrics it’s 100% natural with no poly or stretch or other petroleum-based nasties. Oh and of course it’s still made right here in Australia. And did we mention it’s tailored?


Have your cake and eat it too.

The way clothes are made at scale hasn’t really changed in over 250 years. Until now. Citizen Wolf makes it ridiculously easy for you to get exactly what you want, and our custom-tailored Tees are both better and cheaper than other ethically made in Australia equivalents.

What are you waiting for?



Written by Zoltan Csaki