Meet The Magic Fit® Polo Shirt Meet The Magic Fit® Polo Shirt

Meet The Magic Fit® Polo Shirt

We started Citizen Wolf over 5 years ago with a crystal clear vision to re-engineer the way clothes are made at scale to save our planet. We believed then (as we do now) that the linear ‘take-make-waste’ default of the fashion industry is fundamentally broken and must be replaced with a circular model to help avert catastrophic climate change.

However unlike so many others, we also believed that tinkering at the edges of the system wasn’t going to create the change fast enough. Instead, we needed a paradigm shift built from first principles that makes sustainability the default, rather than something to be greenwashed.

But Rome wasn’t built in a day, and we knew that no matter how grand our ambitions might be, we had to reduce the variables to get started and systematically chip away at the problem. Step after step. Day after day.

So we started small on purpose, setting out to re-engineer nothing more than the humble T-shirt and validate our Magic Fit® technology in the process.

But Citizen Wolf was always envisaged to be far bigger than just Tees...



The Men's Short Polo | Magic Fit® To Your Body | Citizen Wolf

Which is why today is so momentous, and we're absolutely thrilled to introduce our second product, The Mens Short Polo – Magic Fit® to your body (obviously) and perfectly suited for those rare occasions when a T-shirt just doesn't cut the mustard – from WFH zoom sessions with clients, to the 19th hole at the golf course with your mates.

Crafted from the same luxurious jersey fabrics that you already know and love from your Citizen Wolf Tees. That said, jersey isn’t exactly known for structure, so the placket and collar are both reinforced with twin layers of fusing to add some heft and shape.

Something we’re extremely excited about is the custom length of the 3-button placket. Thanks to Magic Fit® you can be sure that the all-important second button hits in the Goldilocks zone: not too high and not too low.

To balance out all the action up top, we’ve also added +2cm onto the sleeve length compared to your Tee silhouette, as well as side splits on the bottom hem for easier movement.

One final detail worth noting is the naturally plastic-free buttons, made from Corozo nut seeds sustainably sourced in Panama and elevated with subtle branding. And should a button ever fall off, we’ll replace it free of charge.

And because colour is such a fundamental part of self-expression, The Mens Short Polo is available in over 20+ colours at launch! Happy colourful days.



The Men's Short Polo | Available Now in 20+ Colours | Citizen Wolf




Short story? Coming soon...

The slightly longer story is that men's polos are approximately 4x more popular than women’s polos (see above... because, golf?). Regardless, we know there are plenty of women who love to wear them and we’re working through the pattern development as we speak. 

Women's Polo Shirts will launch as an ‘off-menu’ item from December 2021 for all existing customers who have confirmed their Magic Fit®, with a wider release scheduled for early 2022.

Please email if you’d like to get on the waitlist.



This is something we get asked about all the time, and again, they’re coming! We need to nail down the women’s patterns first, and once that happens we’ll be honoured to kit out your company, with either embroidery or screenprinting also available.

Please email to get on the waitlist.



The million-dollar question! As mentioned, Citizen Wolf was never just about Tees and we’ve already got a roadmap stacked full of new products. That said, we’d love to know what you want next, so please email and let us know…




The Men's Short Polo | Naturally Plastic-free Corozo nut buttons | Citizen Wolf The Men's Short Polo | Magic Fit® To Your Body | Citizen Wolf




Written by Zoltan Csaki