Honoured to be one of Vogue's 'Future Sixty' agitators. Honoured to be one of Vogue's 'Future Sixty' agitators.

Honoured to be one of Vogue's 'Future Sixty' agitators.

This month Vogue Australia celebrates 60 years at the forefront of the local fashion industry, which seems like an incomprehensible eternity on the seasonal treadmill.

Whilst they are rightly looking backwards at everything achieved over the year in their documentary Vogue Australia: Sixty Years Through The Lens, the editorial team are also looking forwards into the murky future.

To celebrate the milestone Vogue has curated a list of sixty of Australian "agitators" that are "set to define the coming years" and we're incredibly honoured to say that Citizen Wolf made the cut!

In the words of Alice Birell:

2019 has a mood all it's own, with new voices joining the traditional choruses to create a better, bolder future. Here we sing the praises of the country's greatest agitators, those who are set to define the coming years - 60 for the next 60.

Vogue Australia | The Future Sixty, December 2019

Vogue Australia December 2019 cover


Much has changed in the last six decades, not least the shift from clothing built to last and worn for years through to 'single use' fast fashion and all the incredible environmental destruction that follows.

Our mission at Citizen Wolf has always been to hold up a mirror to the insanity of mass production and prove that a better way of making clothes is not only commercially viable but also desirable. Quite simply, we want the rest of the industry to follow our lead towards a future that is not only much better for the customer but also much better for the environment. 

We do this by combining algorithms to deliver custom fit at scale without the need for measuring tapes, with our on-demand factory in Sydney built from the ground up around single piece production.

We believe this is a blueprint for the future of fashion, and even better, it's here right now and we're doing it every day.

We often get mistaken for "just another Tshirt brand" which stings the ego, but it's fine because we know that Tees are just the proof of concept for a wholesale rethinking of the industry.

It's also really (really) nice when Vogue agrees.




Written by Zoltan Csaki