Help us plant trees with Jimmy HalfCut Help us plant trees with Jimmy HalfCut

Help us plant trees with Jimmy HalfCut

“We must plant 1 trillion trees in 30 years to absorb the last 30 years of our emissions” - ETH Zurich (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology)

It’s hard to fathom that the fashion industry is more of a threat to our natural world than both the aviation and maritime industries combined, but it's true. Fashion is responsible for a whopping 10% of annual global emissions today but even worse, these emissions are forecast to rise 50% by 2030 according to the World Bank.

Citizen Wolf exists to re-engineer the way clothes are made at scale to save our planet. Manufacturing every single Tee on-demand means we emit 48% LESS carbon vs the legacy fast fashion industry. Plus, our process is zero waste meaning nothing ever goes to landfill.

Whilst reducing emissions is critical, we’re too far gone to think that’s all we have to do. It’s no secret that we also need to invest in carbon capture technology to solve the macro problems of climate change, and the best CCS (carbon capture & storage) technology we have is Mother Earth’s ancient invention – trees.

That’s why for the month of March, we’re taking part in Jimmy HalfCut’s PSS Fitness Challenge to fundraise money for reforestation projects.



Jimmy HalfCut

“We can grow our hair back, but the reality of growing back Gondwanaland? You can’t. So we’re protecting the land that’s remaining and getting on with regeneration.” - Jimmy HalfCut

The man behind the PSS mission is Jimmy HalfCut... and no, his electric razor didn’t run out of juice mid-shave! Believe it or not, this is his everyday – a visual representation that 50% of the planet’s wildlife and plant species are on the verge of extinction as a result of the Anthropocene

For obvious reasons his beard also acts as a conversation starter helping Jimmy raise awareness about the HalfCut movement – which protected 35 acres of the Daintree Rainforest last year after raising $361,504 dollars. No small feat.



Jimmy’s challenge is to do 30 push-ups (P) + 30 sit-ups (S) + 30 squats (S) everyday for 30 days across March. And every dollar donated will go towards planting one tree and assisting natural regeneration in the Daintree Rainforest and Atherton Tablelands.

Why? Because the issue of deforestation is especially close to home here in Australia, having lost 25% of our rainforest and 45% of our open forest in the past 200 years. In fact, we’ve lost more than 100 unique species since Captain Cook arrived.

PSS Challenge Team Citizen Wolf

"We’ve lost more than 100 species since Captain Cook arrived."



Don’t stress, we’re not asking you to do any jumping jacks! We’ll take care of the physical part, all we're asking is that if you have the means, please consider donating to Team Citizen Wolf.

Every dollar counts, literally, with $1 planting 1 tree. Because a healthy planet equals healthy humans (and vice versa). Let’s do this.



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Written by Florence McGlynn