It's always a thrill when our story gets picked up in the media and all the more so when it's printed for realz in the dead tree paper!

Today we're humbled to be featured in the Australian Financial Review's Luxury Magazine (paywall) on the tech-enabled future of fashion, alongside industry heavyweights like Simon Collins the ex-Dean of Fashion at Parsons, and Craig Crawford the ex-VP IT Strategy at Burberry.

It's a great read but if you don't have a login, the (very) short story is that although fashion has been notoriously slow to adopt new technologies, whether 'they' like it or not, technology will be the saviour of a wasteful and destructive industry. In other words, exactly what we've been saying for the last 3 years!

 The article ends with a wish from Mr. Crawford:

“I love fashion, but the current system doesn’t work too well. I think that the opportunity to fix it lies with tech. Wouldn’t it be great if every store worked seamlessly for its customers? If we produced on demand to eliminate waste? If we could track a product throughout its life cycle?
- Craig Crawford

 Mr Crawford, we invite you to our factory and humble abode in Sydney to get a glimpse of the future of fashion, today. We think you'll be impressed ;) 


Citizen Wolf in the Australian Financial Review


Much love to Clare Press for the article. And if you don't already religiously listen to her podcast 'Wardrobe Crisis' there's no time like the present to start!


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