Get a Jab, Get a Tee. Really Get a Jab, Get a Tee. Really

Get a Jab, Get a Tee. Really

UPDATE SEP 8, 2021: In line with TGA guidelines, we are able to give a free Tee to the first 50 fully vaxxed people who tag us in a post! We'll be doing another giveaway like this in a couple of months, too, so keep getting those jabs!

Starting from today – Tuesday September 7th – we’re giving away 50 of our 145GSM organic cotton Tees to people getting their first COVID jab. It’s our way of showing love to good citizens who are bringing that 80% vaccinated date that bit closer.

The whole wolf pack behind our brand is vaxxed, with a whole lot of AstraZeneca up in here. In fact, we’ve made it a mandatory part of being on our team. Why? Because to be a good citizen, you need to be willing to roll up your sleeve for the sake of your community.

The vaccine protects us as individuals, but it protects the people we care about too – even if we don’t know them. That’s what community is about, right? Looking out for friends and family, but also for those you don’t know so well. They have families and friends as well, and everyone deserves safety.



At the rate we’re getting vaccinated at the moment, we won’t be at 70% of 16+ people vaccinated for another 42 days here in New South Wales.

In order to get to the 80% double vaxxed goal, we need to keep the momentum up. | Citizen Wolf

Hey you vaccinated people, we love you! But we won’t give a free Tee. Why? Because the point of our calls to get jabbed to get a Tee, is to actually boost the number of people in our community who are getting vaxxed.

At the rate we’re getting vaccinated at the moment, we won’t be at 70% of 16+ people vaccinated for another 42 days here in New South Wales. That’s another 63 days in Victoria, all the way up to another 75 days in Western Australia. And if we want to talk about 80% vaccinated, that’s even further away.

That’s a problem, because until we reach those numbers, people are going to keep getting sick, people are going to keep dying, at an unacceptable and terrible rate. We’re also not all going to be able to hug our friends or our parents, hold hands with little nieces and nephews, lie on a beach all day, go to our favourite dinner spots, go on adventures, get back to what we love, really live. And we all deserve to be able to do these things – safely.

So basically, if you’re vaxxed, thank you, we’re right there with you. Let’s keep building on this momentum. Send this to someone unvaxxed in your life, maybe it will encourage them.



Get a Jab, Get a Tee! | Citizen Wolf 

1. Book in for your first vaccination with your nearest eligible healthcare provider

2. Once you’ve received your first shot, post a photo of your freshly jabbed arm and tag @citizen_wolf and #citizenwolfpack.

3. The first 50 people to tag us in a picture will be sent a DM so that we can send out one of our 145 GSM organic cotton Tees to you – ethically made using Magic Fit® tech. You’ll need to send us proof of vaccination*, so have your immunisation history ready!

So get going, remember, there’s only 50 Tees up for grabs, and countless more reasons to get vaxxed!



*Proof of your COVID-19 vaccination will be recorded on your immunisation history statement after you’ve had your vaccine. Vaccinations must be administered on or after September 7th. You can get this through your Medicare online account, the Express Plus Medicare app, the Australian Immunisation Register or My Health Record. 

There's power in community | Citizen Wolf

Written by Emma Hakansson