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Zero Waste Tote

Zero Waste Tote

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Make a statement whilst making a difference.

The Zero Waste Tote helps you be kind to the planet whilst killing it on the catwalk of life. Each is a completely unique handmade patchwork of fabric left over from our made-to-measure Tee production.

Why does this matter? Because it's time we admitted that non-woven polypropylene (read: plastic) 'eco' bags are not the solution to the plastic crisis. 

  • Unique handmade patchwork exterior
  • Unique recycled City of Sydney events banner lining  
  • Printed front pocket with button
  • Strong woven cotton straps
  • Limited edition... Don't miss out!

Wear your values.

We believe strongly that more plastic is not the solution to the plastic crisis. Did you know you have to use each polypropylene 'eco' bag at least 104 times to make any difference to the planet whatsoever?!? Our Zero Waste Tote bags by contrast are an easy, stylish way of reducing our collective footprint.

Built for life.

Big enough to carry a picnic yet svelte enough for the daily commute with an easy access front pocket, each Zero Waste Tote is a unique handmade patchwork of natural fibre offcuts from our made-to-measure Tee production.

A little piece of Sydney.

We use upcycled banners from the City of Sydney events programme as lining. They're perfect for adding structure to the soft exterior and by reclaiming them we save the polyester from ending up in landfill.

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