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Koala Klub Tee Mens

Koala Klub Tee Mens

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A classic crew neck tee with a pocketful of koala.

Keep it ‘koality’ with this exclusive Koala-printed Tee. Designed by data from hundreds of fittings, it’s the first Tee based on contemporary Australian body measurements since 1975! Wear it with everything - or nothing at all! - because you’ll never want to take it off.

    • Classic crew neck
    • Standard sleeves
    • Signature curved hem
    • Patch pocket
    • Exclusive ‘pocket koala’ print


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    Custom fit is our standard.

    Your clothes should fit you and not the other way around, right? It's a simple idea but nothing short of revolutionary in the fashion game. Because every Citizen Wolf Tee is handmade we can tweak up to 12 separate measures for perfect fit.

    Local. Ethical. Sustainable.

    We cut every Tee ourselves, sew within walking distance of our lair and most of our fabric is made in Melbourne - including this gorgeously soft 145 gsm organic cotton. We use naturally biodegradable fibres only, including merino wool sourced exclusively from unmulesed sheep.

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    Laser cut accuracy.
    Every. Single. Time.

    Meet Cyndi, the hardest working gal in the biz. She's a touch OCD but that works when millimetre precision is the game. And the best bit? She hits the exact same spot, time after time.

    The revolution looks fabulous.

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