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High Time for Hemp.

As the mercury heats up we're thrilled to offer the ultimate planet-friendly fibre for summer. Our 160 gsm Hemp / Organic Cotton blend Tees are lightweight yet incredibly strong and durable thanks to the ancient miracle that is hemp fibre.


Even better, we're letting you decide which summer-y colours we run. Vote for your fav shade below by pre-ordering and once enough other people do the same that colour goes into production. All four colours below are currently being dyed and will go into production immediately!

Why hemp?

Hemp is the planet-friendly miracle fibre produced from the stem and stalk of the cannabis plant. Largely forgotten by the 20th Century, hemp is an extremely hardy crop that grows in a range of soils at high yield using 50 percent less water than conventional cotton and almost zero pesticides.

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Why 160 GSM?

We've chosen a 160 gsm weight blended with organic cotton for softness. It’s the perfect balance between opacity, breathability and UV resistance which makes it ideal for the long hot Aussie summer.

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Texture, Texture, Texture!

Hemp is durable and biodegradable with a visible natural texture similar in look and feel to pure linen. And like linen, hemp gets better and softer the more you wear it. We promise you won’t want to take it off!

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Can I smoke it?

Where there's a will there's a way, so yes, technically you could but you won't get high as industrial hemp has very low amounts of THC. Who smokes a T-shirt anyway!??!

How does it work?

Think of it like Kickstarter: you 'back' the colours you want to wear via pre-order, and if enough other people want that same colour then it gets made.

How do I choose my style?

We'll be in touch once your colour is funded to confirm which Tee you want, either based on a previous order or any of our template styles.

What happens if my preferred colour doesn't go ahead?

Either we'll refund you or you can choose one of the other colours.

What's in it for me?

Firstly you get the warm fuzzy feeling of helping decide how we move forward as a business. But you also get a $10 discount on the price, which you can use to buy some booze for a double whammy of that warm fuzzy feeling.

Why do you take payment now?

We always take payment upfront on all Tees both instore and online. The only difference here is that if your chosen colour doesn't end up going ahead we'll refund you (if you don't want to choose another colour).

When will my Tee be delivered?

Long before you hit the beach ;) We're running pre-orders for the next few weeks and then we have to dye the fabric before we cut and sew as usual, so it'll be early December. We'll provide an exact date closer to the time.

Personal fit needs honest answers.

Magic Fit uses maths to create your custom Tee. It’s 94% accurate and risk free, because alterations are included. Your data is secure and will never be shared.


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