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Custom-Fit Tailored Tee

Custom-Fit Tailored Tee



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Welcome home Citizen! Want more custom-tailored Tees? Choose your favourite fabric above and we'll cut based on your saved fit profile. 

    • Call or email if you want any tweaks...
    • Want a different fabric not listed above? Call or email...
    • Custom-built in Sydney, ready in 10 days.

    Custom fit is our standard.

    Every Citizen Wolf Tee is handmade, and we can adjust up to 12 measures for perfect fit. Create your Fast-Fit® profile online, or book a fitting in our concept store.

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    Made locally. Built ethically.

    We build every Tee on-demand right here in Sydney. Our entire supply chain is within walking distance, which means quick delivery and fair wages for everyone.

    Our Values

    Laser cut accuracy.
    Every. Single. Time.

    Meet Cyndy, the hardest working gal in the biz. She's a touch OCD but that works when millimetre precision is the game. And the best bit? She hits the exact same spot, time after time.

    The revolution looks fabulous daaaaarling!

    We've had lovely things written about us by the press, but far more important is what our customers say...

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    Create your unique fit profile to continue.

    We hold zero stock and make every Tee on demand. It's better for the environment and it's better for you because we can tweak the fit to be perfect. It only takes 43 seconds and you only need to do it once...

    Fit Guide

    What size do you normally wear?

    Measurements based on our

    What size do you normally wear?

    Measurements based on our

    68% of people adjust length. Will you?

    Measurements based on our

    57% of people also adjust the waist...

    Measurements based on our

    Any other requests? (optional)

    The more specific you can be here the more perfect your Tee will be...

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    Not your first rodeo? Welcome home.

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    Fit Guide


    Citizen Wolf Mens Fit Guide in CM
    Citizen Wolf Womens Fit Guide in CM
    Citizen Wolf Mens Fit Guide in IN
    Citizen Wolf Womens Fit Guide in IN


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