Black Fridye.

Redye your jeans for free and
put your planet where your mouth is.

Green really is the new black this Black Friday Fridye 2018. Instead of buying shit you don't need just because it's on discount, Citizen Wolf will redye your favourite pair of jeans free, valued at $29 (yes, really all you pay is postage).


Why? Because nothing goes better with made-to-measure Citizen Wolf Tees than a killer pair of jeans. Plus the longer we wear the clothes we already own the better it is for the planet. Win-Win.

Why Redye?

It’s really really hard to find clothes you love, and doubly so for denim jeans. According to our research 1 in 5 people replace black jeans because they've faded, which is criminal considering that Australians on average already send 23 kg of textile waste to landfill every year.

Save precious water.

It takes 7,547 litres of water on average to grow and process the cotton to make a pair of jeans. But it only takes 5 litres to redye your favourite pair black again - less than 0.07%!

Reduce your footprint.

It’s been estimated by WRAP UK that we can reduce the carbon, water and waste footprint of our clothes by 20-30% for every 9 months we keep wearing them. And there's no easier way to do that than redyeing your unloved jeans to perfectly complement your made-to-measure Citizen Wolf Tees.

How does it work?

STEP 1 - Leave your email address above and you'll be the first to know exactly what time it goes live. Or don't and miss out on the free offer and pay to play instead.

STEP 2 - Once we receive your order sometime on Friday November 23, we’ll send a reply-paid satchel to get your jeans back to our lair.

STEP 3 - We send your redyed black jeans back as soon as we can.

Does 'free' really mean free?

Yes! Citizen Wolf covers the cost of redyeing for the first 250 people, valued at $29 each not including postage. Don't worry if you miss out on a free pair, you can just pay the $29 which is about half the standard market rate.

How much is postage?

Postage both ways is $20 including tracking as Australia Post (sadly) doesn't share our love for free. However if you want to personally deliver and collect from one of our stores then we'll refund this charge when you bring in your jeans.

Do I have to go to the post office?

No. We'll send you a reply-paid satchel and all you have to do is drop it in one of the 15,357 Australia Post boxes around the country. We'll let you know when we receive it and will send your jeans back good as new as soon as we can.

Can you dye any colour jeans?

Yes, you can send any colour jeans and we'll dye them black. Please note that blackness is relative, so the darker the base colour the blacker the resulting black.

Can I redye more than one pair?

Of course you can, however the free offer is limited to only one per person. Every additional pair will be $29, which is about half the market rate.

Can you dye jeans with stretch?

100% cotton works best but we've tested 98% Cotton / 2% stretch and it worked perfectly, though higher percentages are not guaranteed.

Will my jeans shrink?

We use an industrial process which will shrink anything that's not already stable, including most leather patches. Well-loved jeans that have been washed countless times are almost certainly fine, but we make no guarantees and are not liable.

Will labels and stitching also get dyed?

Generally yes, though it depends on composition and anything natural including leather patches will take the dye. Synthetic fibres and threads won't change but a good rule of thumb is that if it's not a button, zip or rivet, best assume it'll go black. 

What if I'm not in Australia?

Black Fridye is only available to Australian residents this year. If you're not lucky enough to live in the lucky country, show your love for the planet by getting your DIY on. Approx $15 in dye plus a few messy hours will get you a decent result, though consumer-grade dyes tend to fade more quickly. 

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