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It's time to reboot our relationship with clothes.


Love 'em or not, clothes are up there with food and shelter as basic necessities. You can't walk around naked, but why is it so bloody hard to find clothes that fit? 

99.9% of fashion brands default to mass production, which means 7.6 billion humans of different shapes are forced into a handful of standard sizes. But these so called 'standards' fail 4 in 5 people (81% to be exact).

Tailoring is the answer, and it was pretty normal even as recently as grandma's generation. Unfortunately the traditional process is slow, expensive and clunky which is why tailoring is mostly limited to fancy suits and wedding dresses.

No longer. 

Citizen Wolf is built on a simple idea - the clothes you wear everyday can and should be custom made just for you.

Fashion wasn’t our background and when we started everyone in the industry told us we were crazy. We spent nine months in R&D and two years rebuilding the UX of tailoring to make it simple, fast and accessible. We also had to create the tech platform that powers our factory from scratch because it didn’t exist. So yeah, maybe we are a little crazy, but crazy gets shit done. 

We believe that if you create exactly what you want in your favourite fabric and it fits perfectly then you're guaranteed to love it. And if you love something you'll take care of it, use it more and repair it rather than rush to replace it.

This is what we mean by rebooting your relationship with clothes.

We're on a journey to make fashion better for you, better for the skilled artisans making your clothes and ultimately better for the planet.

We call it smarter casual and T-shirts are only the beginning.

Join us.


Zoltan Csaki & Eric Phu


Personal fit needs honest answers.

Magic Fit uses maths to create your custom Tee. It’s 94% accurate and risk free, because alterations are included. Your data is secure and will never be shared.


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All measures are in cm.

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